Need honest critique of an Agnostic Spirituality Book

I am looking for an HONEST critique of the book and what I can do to improve it. Please read below to learn more.

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Hi there!

This is my 3rd and hopefully last round of soliciting critiques for my Spirituality book, *I'll Put 3 Chips On God - just in case there is one*. It is beta published already, but I am not marketing it widely until I have gotten this last round of critiques and edited it one last time based on feedback.

The book is written from an agnostic viewpoint, i.e. I am not sure there is a God, but 90% of me believes there is. However, I feel traditional Spirituality books don't do as great a job of analyzing commonly held beliefs in an unbiased, logical manner. So I took it upon myself, as a layperson, to analyze concepts such as reincarnation, karma, detachment, soul energy, the ego, heaven, hell, god, natal astrology, vegetarianism, and meditation from a two-sided, neutral point of view. I have been told the book is somewhat humorous as well, so I promise you it won't be a dry, boring read. You can learn more about the book and read excerpts from the first few chapters at The full, zipped PDF copy is also attached below.

Previously, when I posted this project before, I paid $25 per critique which is not much at all, given that it's a 298 page book. However, it was a token payment really, the cost of a thank-you lunch or dinner. It was mainly the generosity of writers like myself that I was relying on. And I had many generous people volunteer, some of whom I have become good friends with. In fact, all of them are in the Acknowledgements section in the back of the book, because it would not have happened without their help.

Unfortunately this time, I am not allowed to pay even that small amount, because I am asking for an Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or Goodreads review (if you have an account) in addition to feedback on what I can do to improve the book for its final revision. Sites like Amazon do not allow people to pay for reviews, I am only allowed to give people a copy of the book in exchange for the review. So I am requesting bids of $10, which is what the book costs. (To be honest, I also ran up some debt getting this book to the stage it's at, I had no idea covers and illustrations would cost so much!)

So basically I am asking for a favor from my fellow writers. In return, I would be very happy to return it by editing or critiquing any of your writing. I am a sharp editor (grammar was my best subject!) so feel free to use me as much as needed in that regard. Or I am happy to read one of your books and offer a review as well.

One last note - I am looking for HONEST reviews only. During my last two rounds of critiques, I had someone who didn't love the book, indeed she literally tore it apart. But she was detailed in her comments and went out of her way to try and be helpful. So I gave her a glowing review and genuinely appreciated her feedback. Therefore even if you hate the book, as long as you tell me why, I'll be happy to give you the best rating I can on this site (and on your writing, if you want me to review it). You can hate my book and and I can love yours, or vice-versa. I think feedback that is not honest is not useful.

Regarding timing, please complete the task at your convenience, but if you are able to read the book in 4-6 weeks, that would be wonderful! I can do the same for your book if needed.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. And thank you for taking the time to read my request, I look forward to supporting each other in our writing endeavors...!

Warm rgrds,


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