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4000 - 6000 words story about voluntary GPG contracts(repost)

This project is for writers who know about PGP/GPG and can envision future where large part of people will use GPG identities for communication and to create contracts. The identities will be connected by web of trust and people will strive to maintain their reputation there (alternatively you can deconstruct this, and show why/how it won't work). Assume such contracts can't be forged nor will GPG get compromised by technical means. These contracts will not be enforced like law is today, instead both parties will be motivated to uphold and improve their reputation by voluntarily adhering to these contracts. You can also get inspired by reading Earthweb by Marc Stiegler ( [url removed, login to view] ) - it's worth to read it for its own sake.

**Write a short story of no less than four and no more than six thousand words, in which to detail one of the three proposed evolutions, or a forth of their own imagination. This is intended as a work of fiction, and all the devices and means of fictions may freely be employed.** Please post outline of the story for me to decide on.

I. All people become strongly acculturated in the GPG-contract mindset. As such, one's word becomes a paramount attribute of the self, guarded with utmost jealousy. People routinely prefer death or even major inconvenience to breaking their word. The exceptions are rare and don't survive long, which reinforces the outlook.

II. Some people become strongly acculturated in the GPG-contract mindset ; some others do not. However you may wish to paint it the fact remains there's two sorts of people in this world and only one sort tends to stick to their word.

III. Over time, the number of contract-breakers exceeds the number of agents with immaculate reputations, this giving birth to a second community within the group of those shunned by the original community. In time this later may rise to prominence and the original may crumble into dust, but then after a finite time the contingency will revisit again, giving birth to yet another subgroup and so on. Similar like rise and fall of various families of nobility over centuries.

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