Spanish-English Translator / 4400words

Budget $30 - $250 USD
Bids 11
Average Bid $100

Hi Freelancers
I need a Spanish - English Translator. He/she has to be English native speaker.
4400 Words. Please contact me with your best rate.

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Lidia is an excellent translator!!! If you choose her, you sure will hire your best option. Thank You!
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If you're tired of mediocrity and tasteless designs, you have come to the right place. I design websites, banner, brochures, brand identities and many more. Not only that, but my foreign languages education make me the perfect candidate to create your website content. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and contact me anytime.

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  • benojoel Profile Picture


    Ottawa,  Canada

    -- Who are we? -- Initially, we were born as a simple idea shared by two brothers. Now we're a veritable company offering the solution you may be looking for! Travite is a family-run Canadian company that specializes in translation, interpretation, management, editing and integration of content and text. We care about our clients' needs as well as their budget, while ensuring translation quality above all. -- Why Travite? -- Travite is the best choice for your translations for a variety of reasons. The key reason: A quality/price ratio second to none. Here are other pertinent reasons to us our services: -- Surprisingly Low Prices -- During the birth of this company, we always kept in mind that we wanted to offer a translation service with astonishingly low prices AND excellent quality. For this reason we offer, starting at just four cents per word, relevant translations that are appropriate, precise and are always delivered on time! -- Quality Guarantee -- We guarantee an excellent service in all it's facets, without exception. Whether you're requesting a quote or asking advice, you can be sure you will be getting the highest caliber of service. Satisfaction Guarantee Since we keep the needs and expectations of our customers at heart, we uphold an obligation to satisfaction. Thus, we commit ourselves to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Regardless of the request, whether small or large, we will work until you are completely satisfied with your final product, guaranteed! -- Content Management and Integration -- Content management and integration services are what give Travite an edge over our competitors. We are not only able to translate your text, just like any other translation services, we also go one step further and integrate this content into your web page, presentation, video, blog, and much more! --- What Values Do We Uphold? --- Honesty We are committed to transparency in all our interactions and keep in frequent contact with our customers. We like our customers to take part in the translation process in order to have a direct impact on the final product. We believe this is an important element in maintaining our 100% satisfaction guarantee! This value also compels us to inform you of any delays or problems with your product as soon as possible and taking responsibility if we are ever the cause. Accuracy We believe that accuracy is paramount in our work. This is the most essential value of any respected and experienced translator. Thus, we have assembled a team of expert reviewers for one purpose, the perfection of your product. Without exception, we will always remain faithful to this commitment. Respect We try to create a relationship with our customers built on a strong foundation of respect. We pledge to treat each customer professionally, respectfully and with dignity. For more information visit

    Graphic Design, Translation, Logo Design, and Research

  • MuSTiiiiiiiiiii Profile Picture


    Lahore,  United States

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  • LidiaD Profile Picture


    Bucharest,  Romania

    If you're tired of mediocrity and tasteless designs, you have come to the right place. I design websites, banner, brochures, brand identities and many more. Not only that, but my foreign languages education make me the perfect candidate to create your website content. Feel free to browse through my portfolio and contact me anytime.

    Website Design, Graphic Design, Translation, and Banner Design

  • TranslationCoPak Profile Picture


    Karachi,  Pakistan

    Translation Company Pakistan ---------------------------- Translation Company Pakistan is a very reliable company mainly for translating documents. Translation Company Pakistan mostly focuses on translating documents ( no matter of what kind they are ) from all languages into English , French , Dutch , Swiss , German , Spanish , Hebrew , Urdu , Bengali , Hindi , Persian , Punjabi , Chinese , Japanese and many other languages. Translation Company Pakistan is very punctual about submitting the assignments and projects awarded. Translation Company Pakistan has never been late in submitting the assignments and has always provided extreme quality of translation. Translation Company Pakistan has been working for 2 years and has a really good reputation in translating different languages. Translation Company Pakistan also provide services for proof reading in English , French , Dutch and Swiss. Translation Company Pakistan is extending day by day and is always hiring experience translators from all around the world so we provide quality translations from native translators. Translation Company Pakistan has been really helpful for people since 2 years and has been providing translations at very reasonable rates. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Translation Company Pakistan never compromises on quality & time but we do compromise on price. Translation Company Pakistan - The kingdom of high quality professional translations

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    San Salvador,  El Salvador

    I've been working on web design and db for a long time, here'ss and example of php and mysql so lets give a try

    PHP, Adobe Flash, Website Design, and Graphic Design

  • L3E3F Profile Picture


    London,  United Kingdom

    Copywriting, Translation, Proofreading, and Blog

  • mkw123 Profile Picture


    Islamabad,  Pakistan

    Writing is my passion and I love to write quality articles and I do not like to disappoint my clients.

    Translation, Research, Proofreading, and Facebook Marketing

  • Garchetta Profile Picture


    Majadahonda,  Spain

    Translation, Data Entry, Excel, and Photoshop

  • SITSOL Profile Picture


    islamabad,  Pakistan

    We Specialize in:. 1. Translation & Localization Document Translation Website Translation / Localization Certified and Professional Translation of 100+ Languages Native and Professional Translation team Proofreading & Editing Guaranteed quality translation 2. CREATIVE DESIGN Logo Design & Branding Website Design Corporate Identity design E-Commerce Design 3. WEBSITE & MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Responsive Website Development iOS / Android Mobile Application Development / Optimization / Promotion Content Management System 4. ONLINE MARKETING Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Optimization (SMO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Google AdWords Paid Campaigns Ready to discuss your project? Sarah Miller. Business Development Manager

    Translation, Advertising, Afrikaans, and Indonesian

  • WanderingWizard Profile Picture


    Juan Dolio,  United States

    For now, i am just testing this site. Of all the international IT outsourcing sites i've reviewed, this one seems to have the least problems, most stability, and widest client base. If things go well, i would consider obtaining Gold Membership. For prospective clients, i suggest reading my CV at the bottom of this profile, areas of expertise, "Vision", and my style of writing in that order. If you're looking for a "cheap" developer, intern, or some sort of script child, look elsewhere. I choose my clients and jobs carefully and am always open to some form of cost negotiation. My preference is to perform and quote jobs by an hourly rate with cost break-downs in 15 minute increments. Unfortunately, this means for small jobs, i would end up charging $30 rather than $25, because of the requirements of this site. In reality, it would be nice to find a handful of clients to continue to work and build relations with over time. However, a few "one night stands" with many clients along the way is also acceptable. The projects i am interested in are things which haven't been done, pushing the limits of current browser support, and innovative solutions to existing problems. Do not message me requesting for clones of social networking sites. This is not interesting to me. I prefer to code my applications from the ground up while utilizing code that has been developed and in service for many years. It is more efficient for me this way, rather than downloading a free "solution" to a particular issue and having to work through or around its limitations and likely bugs. Currently, i am not accepting projects that use Windows as a primary development platform if i cannot develop these applications on a system remotely. I do not run a Windows system on any of my personal development environments and have no interest in creating and maintaining one. However, if a client is willing to ship the development machine to me and pay for the cost of its return shipment after the project is finished, i would not be opposed to that arrangement. I have a history of such arrangements with companies and can provide references on request. If the client is willing to cover travel expenses, i am willing, at any time, to travel anywhere in the world to train employees, help troubleshoot solutions physically, or to install/uninstall equipment. Also, i have no problem with relocating to another country, providing that the client assists with such issues as work visas, relocation costs, etc. Even though some things are not in my area of expertise, such as ASP and PERL for example, i am still able to troubleshoot, debug, and even extend scripts/applications built in these languages. So, even though it may not be listed in my areas of expertise or on my CV explicitly, ask if you have any questions regarding my ability to complete a certain task. Since there's nowhere to upload a CV, here's the basics with personal and company information removed (removed information appears in brackets): Summary Myriad years of UNIX, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS system administration, network and SAN administration, programming, and client support grant me the ability to meet and exceed numerous aspects of a position. A vast amount of time has been spent engineering secure, efficient, and effective solutions to common and specialized applications. I'm able to assemble and manage a team to complete tasks, or disappear by myself and work without supervision. I play nice with others and enjoy various work atmospheres in addition to telecommuting. Skills Skill (Last use/Experience) NetBSD (Currently Used/9 years) Linux (Currently Used/9 years) FreeBSD (2 Years ago/1 year) Tru64 UNIX (2 Years ago/2 years) Solaris (4 years ago/2 years) Windows OSes (Currently Used/11 years) Apple OSes (Last Year/17 years) Intel x86-based systems (Currently Used/11 years) Apple 68k; PPC-based systems (2 Years ago/17 years) DEC Alpha-based systems (Currently Used/9 years) Sun UltraSparc-based systems (4 years ago/2 years) SMTP; SMTPS; Submission (Currenly Used/6 years) Sendmail MTA; IMAP UW; UW IPOPd (5 years ago/2 years) Postfix MTA; Courier IMAPD; Courier POPD; SqWebMail (Currently Used/5 years) SASL (Currently Used/5 years) Cyrus saslauthd (2 Years ago/4 years) Courier Authdaemon (Currently Used/4 years) Apache HTTP Server (Currently Used/6 years) pkgsrc; rpm; apt (Currently Used/6 years) DNS (BIND 9) (Currently Used/5 years) NFS; SAN (Currently Used/3 years) NTP (Currently Used/3 years) SSH; SFTP (Currently Used/6 years) DHCP; BOOTP; TFTP; inetd-based services (Currently Used/6 years) IP Filter; IPv6 (Currently Used/6 years) Remote management (Currently Used/6 years) TLS; SSL; CA (Currently Used/6 years) SQL Database Backend (MySQL, MSSQL, HSQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase) (Currently Used/8 years) Access Database Backend (Last Year/9 years) Paradox Database Backend (3 years ago/2 years) HTML; XHTML; XML; HDML; WML (Currently Used/8 years) CSS; XSL; XSLT (Currently Used/8 years) JavaScript (ECMAScript); WMLScript; W3C DOM (Currently Used/8 years) DTD; XMLSchema (Currently Used/8 years) RSS; ATOM (Currently Used/3 years) CGI; PERL; PHP; SSI (Currently Used/8 Years) Accessibility (Aural, Braille, Text-based browsers, Mobile devices) (Currently Used/8 years) sh; csh; ksh; tcsh; bash; zsh; awk; sed (Currently Used/8 years) Visual Basic 6; VBA (Last Year/8 years) C++ (3 years ago/2 years) GUI interface design (Currently Used/8 years) GCC (Currently Used/6 years) Hardware Design; Quality Assurance Testing (Currently Used/6 years) Experience 5/2002 - present: [Public Access Computing System] Senior Systems Administrator Engineered methods for preserving and monitoring SAN attached servers in remote data center. With PERL and UNIX shells, maintained NetBSD Alpha servers and over 1200 third party pkgsrc packages; scheduled and executed system updates. Designed secure mail system utilizing TLS/SSL, Postfix, Courier Authdaemon, IMAP, POP3, and SqWebMail. Implemented optimized IP Filter ruleset, BIND DNS server, OpenSSL Certificate Authority, NTP, and NFS servers. 2/2007 – 2/2008: [Consulting Company] Senior Developer and Systems Administrator Designed, developed, and delivered small to large scale desktop and web-based database applications for clients such as pharmaceutical companies, cash advancement firms, and credit card processing businesses in addition to managing said projects. Performed infrastructure and security audits of existing systems, giving advice and implementing improvements while administering these systems. Mentored and trained junior consultants, assisting with database ERDs, programming, system administration, and technical writing. Involved in formulation of specifications for various projects. 12/2005 - 2/2008: [Social Networking Site] Chief Information Officer Used Apache, PHP, PERL, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, WML, and RSS to design dynamic WWW social networking site. Created protocol over TCP/IP for NetBSD and Windows Server 2003 based software. Utilized UNIX shells to process large data files and transform data for use in database. Configured servers for remote data center access. Prioritized and evaluated jobs of other team members. 6/2005 - 3/2006: [Electrical Company] Project Coordinator Produced server software, using Visual Basic 6, XML databases, and Windows XP, to communicate with lighting and shade control systems, AM/FM/XM/stereo receivers, security systems, televisions, and contact closure devices over TCP/IP, RS-232, and RS-485. Designed and configured User Interfaces for home automation systems. Installed, secured, and maintained LANs and WLANs. 4/2005 - 5/2007: [Realtor] Network Administrator; Superintendent Maintained Windows office WAN, secured WLAN, and provided computer technical support, assistance, and training. Oversaw conditions and scheduled maintenance personnel for thirteen (13) building complex in [removed]. 1/2004 - 4/2006: [College] Computer Specialist; Tutor: Academic Support Center Provided support and technical assistance in the fields of mathematics, computer science, Spanish, and writing. Operated and maintained a Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX academic WAN for a user base of about four hundred users. Designed and executed workshops to provide comprehensive instruction on intrusion prevention, spreadsheets, presentations, and automobile maintenance. 10/2002 - 4/2005: [Engineering Firm] Associate Director: Applied Sciences Division Designed, operated, and maintained specialized computer systems. Supported systems included Windows-based spectroscopic analysis system. Material sciences instrumentation: Tested and evaluated destructive and non-destructive materials. 4/1998 - 3/2002 [Kayak Dealer/Craft Shop] Manager Developed methods for Windows system optimization. Monitored facilities some nights using closed circuit television (CCTV) systems to protect from theft and vandalism. Provided customer and vendor support. Maintained physical plant (electrical and plumbing: troubleshooting, repair, and installation). Education 5/2002 - 4/2006: [College] B.S., Physical Sciences with a Concentration in Mathematics. 5/2001: [High School] Valedictorian of Senior Class.

    PHP, Perl, Javascript, and XML