MarketingSherpa's Landing Page ebook


I want to sell my ebook about landing pages SEO..

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MarketingSherpa's Landing Page ebook

-> Page Design & Copy Instructions

-> 54 Stat & Data Charts

-> 114 Samples of Landing Pages to Copy

-> Help for Search, Email, B-to-B, Ecommerce, Blogs & Lead Generation Conversions

More Praise for MarketingSherpa's Landing Page Handbook 2nd Edition:

" MarketingSherpa’s new Landing Page Handbook is really solid information that can propel your business if/when applied.”

- Shawn Collins,Author,Co-Founder of the Affiliate Summit

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“And now, with the second edition of the Landing Page Handbook, MarketingSherpa delivers an up-to-the-minute understanding of what's new, what's changed and what really works.”

- Nick Usborne, Publisher, [url removed, login to view]

“It's not every day I tell my readers to go out and spend $500 immediately. This is one of those days.”

- Ken Molay, President, Webinar Success [url removed, login to view]

“I suggest that if you are spending any significant money on pay per click that you NEED to get this guide.”

- Jim Kuckral

“Its a veritable cornucopia of best practices. Huzzah!”

- Danny Flamberg

Top 10 Questions Answered by MarketingSherpa's Landing Page Handbook

#1. What are typical conversion rates for landing pages? What are the Top Five Common Mistakes that hinder conversions?

#2. What's the Number One, easy, way to lift Google PPC (paid search ad) conversion rates? How about improving results from SEO-driven search clicks?

#3. What email marketing landing page blunders should I fix immediately? How about real-life ideas to take my email results to the next level?

#4. How can business-to-business marketers improve response rates for lead generation offers such as webinars and white papers?

#5. What landing page layout is most recommended? Should we have one column, two columns, or three? What about colors and graphics? What is "web 2.0" design?

#6. How can we raise ecommerce sales with landing page tweaks?

#7. Which tests have highest impact -- copy, design, or video? What's the difference between multivariate and Taguchi-style testing? Can I see some before-and-after landing page test Case Studies?

#8. How should we change our registration form to get more sign-ups?

#9. Can blogs be landing pages? How can I improve conversions from a blog?

#10. What copywriting works best for landing pages? When should we use short copy and when should we test long copy?

Skills: Copywriting, Internet Marketing, Research, SEO

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