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Hello, thanks for your interested in this project. I started this project because I need 25 articles written.


What I'm Looking for in a Writer...


This is my 3rd time posting this project. On two previous accounts the writers did not send me any work. Two weeks of my time have sadly gotten wasted in the process, so I'm ONLY looking for a writer or team of writers with very strong feedback reviews.

I want writers that KNOW they can finish the project on time and NOT people who THINK they "might" be able to make it. Please don't bid on a hunch. If you're not sure you can send me at least 10 articles a week, then please don't bid. I want you to be confident that you can send me that amount of work in the course of a week, at the very least.

I don't mean to sound harsh but if you don't have any feedback, I won't consider you for the project.

I want a disciplined professional with a proven track record and a good portion of feedback reviews. I also ask that you be informative (and friendly) and let me know how it's going every 2-3 days.

I also need you to adhere to the weekly deadlines. I understand life happens and I'm very understanding about emergencies but my two previous experiences were situations in which I was lied to about the work coming to me only to find out for some reason they hadn't even written the articles.

With that said, I'm very friendly and easy to get along with and you will have no problem with me as long as you hold up your end of the bargain.


The Details of the Project...


As I said, I need 25 articles written. I am looking to actually hire someone to write 50 articles for me but I will only ask you to write 25 for me to start with. And then once I'm confident you've done well with those and I like your work, I'll hire you to write the other batch and possibly hire you to write even more work after that.

So basically, this will most likely lead to more work. Since professionals aren't easy to come by, I will repeatedly return to you once I'm sure you're up for the task.

Anyway, I'm asking you to write these articles so that I can rebuild my website.

The topics will be on space saving furniture.

You'll be writing articles on...

* Space saving desks

* Space saving beds

* Space saving stereos

* Audio/video racks

* Small microwave ovens

* Space saving refrigerators

* Space saving plants, such as bonsais and terrariums.

* ...and the list goes on.

As I said, I would like to receive about 10 articles a week over a 5 week period. If you can do more a week, that would be even better, but it's not required.

I ask you to email me each article as you complete it since I typically edit the articles after they are written and add additional information that would be difficult for you to know about.

The articles you write need to be around 400-800 words. Each article will vary in length, of course, depending on the topic.

I can only pay $4 per article at most. So, please do not let your bid exceed $100 for all 25 articles.

You need to be able to...

* Speak fluent English.

* Work well on your own, but I'm also happy to work with you if you have any questions or get confused. But I won't be able to be crutch, if that makes sense. You need to be self-sufficient.

* Use the researched links/material I give you to write the article or if I don't do that for an article you should be able to create an outline on your own and send it to me so I can make sure it's going in the right direction.

* Rewrite the article if it's way off base. I will be very fair to you. I will only ask for a rewrite if necessary. Rewrites will be rare, if at all, because I've made sure you pretty much know what to write about and if you have to create the outline I will look it over to make sure it's what I'm looking for in order to reduce the possibility of a rewrite.


What You Can Expect When Working on This Project...


I typically will send you over text files on what I'm looking for in each article. This information in the text file leads to links on products/articles that you can view in order to come up with the material I'm looking for.

So, for the most part I lead you to the right places to minimize your need to spend time researching. I do this because it cuts down on your research time.

I've uploaded several samples or the type of files you'll receive from me with research links to products/articles. That way you can see what I'd expect from you and the type of information you'd get from me. If after viewing the information, you have questions, by all means please ask me. I'm more than happy to answer them.

Lastly, the articles need to be fluff-free. Please no repetition for the sake of spreading the article out. I prefer quality over length any day. No excessive exclamation marks, and fake excitement to overcompensate for poor writing please.

Personality in your articles is always welcome. I'm just anti-fluff not anti-personality.

Preferred communication is email. Messenger is welcome but I'm likely to avoid it unless necessary.

Please consider including samples of your writing when bidding. However, it isn't mandatory.

Lastly, I apologize for the lengthy description, but as a writer myself, I find the more I know the better off I am.

Thank you very much for your interest. Have a wonderful day!

Skills: Copywriting

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