Construction Project Management and Scheduling Articles - Ghost written


Construction Project Management and Scheduling Articles - Ghost written

We want a series of articles, with each article around 1500-2000 words for a given topic. I would like to have one-two articles done every week for as long as we continue the project (meaning that we have good topics, etc…). I am planning on around 20-40 articles at this time. Most of them will revolve around construction scheduling and project management (scheduling is essentially the representation of the project management practice).

You will be fully responsible for researching and writing each article

I welcome your topics and want you to be creative in thinking about them, but here are some subjects (not necessarily titles) to include:

1. Overview of Project Management Basics (I think this is a Part I and Part II type of article)

2. The Life Cycle of a project

3. How project management can be the critical difference in a successful project

4. Developing a gantt chart – HOW TO article (the bars, linkage, using finish-to-start linking, start-to-finish, finish-to-finish etc..)

5. Managing communications during the project (reporting, tips for keeping everyone informed, email, meetings)

6. Budgeting and Cost Estimating for the project

7. Motivating your team

8. What to do when projects start to miss schedule

9. Evaluating your project at the end – Suggestions and ideas for the feedback loop

10. Rewarding subcontractors for meeting the schedule – Ideas, (** We will help with doing a brief survey of builders for this article)

11. Measuring performance during the project

12. Critical Path Management (CPM) – what is, how to use, managing the critical path and the float

13. Project opportunities and managing project risks

14. Project leadership – what it takes at the top

15. The five myths of using project management and scheduling software

16. Using software in the project management/scheduling process (data storage, infinite calculations, formatting of data, etc..)

These are just some suggestions, so I think we start with broad categories (like item #1 and 2) and along the way, I think we will see some good ideas for detailed articles as well.

I will definitely help you an outline where the topic is more targeted, so that we can make certain points.


Once an award is made, we will communicate with you by email and discuss a variety of topics. Once we agree on one or two, we make a deposit to the [url removed, login to view] escrow (this will be the only escrow we will agree to using) and we deposit the bid amount inot escrow for each article we agree by email to have written. Once the article is written, reviewed by us, and accepted, we release the escrow to you.


1. All articles are to be written with a homebuilder, construction manager, or sub-contractor in mind. They are the key audience.

2. All articles to written in English and spell checked for accuracy.

3. We own the final copyright of the each article.

4. UNIQUE CONTENT - Each article must be original and never previously published or sold to others.

5. One-two submitted each week, and then I would release payment each week, so quotes MUST BE MADE ONLY ON AN ARTICLE BY ARTICLE BASIS.

6. DO NOT USE PMB - sorry, this is a pain for us and we will only read what is visible to us on the [url removed, login to view] website.

7. We would like ONE ADDITIONAL topic that you suggest we include to our list.

Please submit samples of your writing for consideration (web link preferred).

Skills: Copywriting

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