Email List Data Gathering

Budget $30 - $250 USD
Bids 89
Average Bid $89

Project: We have a list of 53 websites to scrape for emails--some are more difficult and some are easy. Some have drop-down boxes to select the location and subject before getting to the list of tutors with emails in that area. We want teacher and tutor emails for individuals in USA and Canada only--no businesses or schools. The number of teacher emails on these sites range from 4 to several hundred to over 1000. Some of these websites don't list personal email addresses, only personal website addresses--so you will need to then find the email addresses from the personal websites.

Required items to get are the email address, first name, state or city, subject that they teach and the website that the data came from.

We have randomly pulled listings off of each of the 53 websites and will use it to verify against what you give us to see if it matches. This will be our check to make sure you have gathered accurate data from each website.

All data needs to be gathered into an Excel spreadsheet with the following columns:
First Name
Subjects they teach
Website where you got this data

You should be able to send us a list of 1 email from each website as a sample. Lots more work available if we are happy with the results of this project.

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Leela went way above and beyond my expectations for my project! All I asked is for 100% effort and I got 150% Leela is a great worker and is very detail oriented. I got frequent updates on the project status. Leela is very easy and pleasant to communicate with as well. The scope of my project was much larger than we both anticipated. When Leela completed my job I was extremely happy with the final product! There is no doubt that I will be using his services in the future. Thanks Leela!
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