MANUAL PDF Poster needed to upload 8 PDF documents to 26 accounts on 5 different PDF Sharing sites

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Project Overview

We are an insurance broker and we have 26 state/city targeted domains that we operate in the USA.

We have created 8 PDF documents for each of our 26 domains.

We need you to create 26 different accounts/full profiles on Each of these following PDF Sharing sites:

Each account/profile will have its own email address that you will create and its own about me, interests and profile pic that you will be required to create for each of the following PDF sites:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

If email + account creation + profile creation takes about 5 mins for each domain it should take around 3 hours to complete 1 entire PDF site ie 5mins x 26 domains for 1 pdf site = 130mins/60mins = 3hrs -4hrs

As we have 5 pdf sharing sites that you would need to repeat this on, this would mean it would take 15hrs

Next, you will be required to post each PDF document (that we will provide you) with the corresponding Title and Description from the “PDF Details [url removed, login to view]” for this PDF document that we will provide you.

For example: for [url removed, login to view], you will need to upload the 8 PDF documents that we will provide in a folder for this particular Profile/account. You will need to login with the profile that you created for [url removed, login to view] used for this account.

As you complete the corresponding columns of the “PDF Posting [url removed, login to view]” spreadsheet that details each pdf upload for our reference.

If it takes roughly 10mins to upload about 8 pdf accounts + titles and descriptions and tags/kw + complete “PDF Posting Report” for each domain, it should then take 4-5 hours to complete 1 entire PDF Site

Ie 10mins x 26 domains/profiles for 1 pdf site = 260mins / 60mins = 4-5 hours

Hence completing this for the 5 pdf sites may take around 45 hours.

Confirmation Questions:

1) Please confirm that you have DOWNLOADED, and that you been through the 48 minute detailed videos of our requirements here:

[url removed, login to view]

And confirm that you understand and will deliver our exact requirements.

2) Confirm that you understand that for each PDF Sharing site that you will create 26 different accounts on them each filled with different Profile information in the “about me”, picture of yourself, interest sections etc etc. as explained in the video above.

3) Confirm that you will post the 8 pdf documents provided, into each account/profile and that you will use the “PDF Details [url removed, login to view]” to generate the titles, descriptions and tags for EACH upload as mentioned in the video above.

4) Confirm that as you post each PDF Document that you will complete the “PDF Posting [url removed, login to view]” as mentioned in the video above.

5) Please confirm that speak fluent English and Must Have Exceptional Writing skills and what country you are from.

6) Please confirm how many days you will need to complete this entire PDF posting project MANUALLY.

7) Please confirm that you fully complete each column in the “PDF Posting Report” on delivery of this project.

8) Please advise your fixed cost to deliver everything mentioned in videos (all profile creations + postings)… Ie total number of Manual pdf submissions for all accounts for all the 5 pdf sites will be:

26 accounts/profiles for each of our domains x 8 PDF = 208

Ie 208 PDF uploads for each of the 5 PDF sharing sites…. Totaling 1040 uploads

Awaiting your detailed responses to the 8 questions above

Thank you


Project Manager

Skills: Data Entry, Link Building, PDF, Virtual Assistant

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