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  • techserv2004 Profile Picture


    Coimbatore,  India

    We are providing Virtual Assistant Services for USA, UK and other countries. We have a full-time dedicated team for customer service, internet research, phone support, data entry, online data entry, phone reservations, order processing and other services. We have extensive trained Virtual Assistant Staff with excellent English skills! Our In-house expert’s team is equipped with communication equipments to get in touch with our Clients via Instant Messenger Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo, e-mail, telephone, etc. We assure you of quality work within your budget.

    Twitter, Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, and Technical Support

  • candidsoftware Profile Picture


    New Delhi,  India

    We are an established company specializing in complete range of website building and promotion services with vast experience and more then 1000 projects. We have been growing impressively through client referrals, direct business from search engines and targeted campaigns. Our SEO, link building, design, development and copywrititng services are professional and cheaper compared to others. Work with us once and you would love to work with us again and again. No one can offer such service and quality at such low prices. We are proud to show you our company website to

    Javascript, Script Install, Website Design, and Graphic Design

  • coates2010 Profile Picture


    Kolkata,  India

    Welcome to Coates Technologies Your preferred web development partner Coates Technologies is a versatile company comprising of excellence in various industry verticals while catering them with different platforms and technologies. We have resources and team who are experienced and in business for years due to such a highly experienced professionals we are able to provide quality IT enabled services to our clients. Coates have helped organizations worldwide to reduce cost and scale up operations, while focusing on their core competency. Each project at Coates is under steady control by a devoted quality assurance department that observes project activities and evaluates the project at each milestone. Customer satisfaction is our primary motto and we are able to provide 100% customized solutions to our clients. Coates is a leading provider of high-end outsourcing services for web site design, development & Search Engine Optimization. We are committed to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients and ensure their satisfaction on top priority. Furthermore, we know the in depth use of technology at your behest, and therefore take every effort to design or redesign services of your choice on an eventually turnkey basis. Latest Innovative technologies such as AJAX, Magento, Joomla,, are integrated by our techies to sell your business just like anything. Services:- Web Designing & Development Content Management System Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Link Building Services Website Maintenance Psd to xhtml Conversion Solutions:- Dedicated Programmer Open Source Customization CMS Development eCommerce Development At PHP Programming India, to be the best is the cult practiced by every individual. The world of e-business is competitive and nobody can understand better than us. Out here we have a customized, optimized and a completely proactive designed for your internal and external processes which enable you to synchronize the tasks for better all round performances. In times to come, everything will be driven by technology, for technology and of technology, and out here we have simply nurtured next generation technology process and brought it to our present day order to benefit and augment your profits.

    PHP, C Programming, Graphic Design, and Copywriting

  • mrstahir Profile Picture


    Karachi,  Pakistan

    Translation, Data Entry, Excel, and Articles

  • nieki1120 Profile Picture


    Quezon City,  Philippines

    Data Entry, Excel, iPhone, and Sales

  • opultech Profile Picture


    Bhopal,  India

    Opulent technologies, the crew of experienced SEO professionals, web developers and software engineers are formed to deify the axiomatic solutions for your IT whims. We as an IT Clad target to leave no stone unturned with our efforts focusing the need of the present hour. Opulent Technologies,offers services in a wide spectrum that includes Search Engine Marketing, Software and Web Development. We believe that the best tool in this age to promote and gain from your business is your website. Having understood the online world from a better perspective, we provide solutions that will make you garner the benefits of your online presence. We don't proclaim to be the best, but assure you that you wouldn't have to search for the best once we get on working for YOU! The main objective of your online presence is to spread more and more information of your identity and cash the available opportunities. We, with our efforts and experience make sure that your goals are met in the best possible way and on the verge of excellence we deliver the best.

    PHP, Website Design, Internet Marketing, and Web Security

  • submitbuzz Profile Picture



    Submitbuzz is a professional SEO company that has been in this industry since 2001. We're a nationally accredited company offering high quality SEO and SMO services to our worldwide clients and are the first in India to offer content marketing for SEO. We've served thousands of successful clients based in US/UK and 100+ SEO companies who outsource their SEO jobs to us. With a professional and experienced team, we do provide web designing and development of SEO-friendly websites powered by Wordpress, Joomla, Magento CMS.

    PHP, ASP, Javascript, and .NET

  • ewebzeal2 Profile Picture


    Surat,  India

    We are from eWebZeal Technology. eWebZeal Technology provide seo and link building services since 2008. We do mainly off page seo technique like directory submissions, article submissions, social bookmaking, press release submissions, forum profile links, blog post etc. We will do each submission by 100% manually. We do white hat seo only.

    Copywriting, Internet Marketing, SEO, and Data Entry

  • nhakhand Profile Picture


    Naryangonj,  Bangladesh

    What describes me and my work? Fast, accurate, detail-oriented and reliable. With an experience of 7 years as an Administrative Assistant at a research oriented institution I have done anything from WORD processing, DATA entrying and extensive WEB searching. To Be Able To Showcase My Skills On:- '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Data Entry / Data Mining * Data Scrubbing (Cleaning) * Email Sending. * Research * Word Processing * Document Conversion * Document Formatting * Email Gathering. * Mailing List Development * Email Marketing * Domain Information Collecting. * Finding Address/Phone Number/Fax/Email/Zip Code Of Any Business And Personals. * Link Removal * Craigslist Search. * eCommerce data entry (product name,product image,price,product code,description, etc) * Word Press Entry * Word Press Posting * Word Press Data * Facebook / Twitter Scheduling and Posting. * Link Building * Real Estate Data Entry My Data Collection & Research Tools:- ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔)✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔)✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) (✔) + more My Data Managing Tools:- ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' => MS-Excel => Google Spreadseet => Google Document => Google Docs => MS-Word => Opendrive => Dropbox => PDF => Text Document Discussion For Work:- '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' => Skype => G-talk => Yahoo Messenger => Facebook => Nimbuzz

    Internet Marketing, Data Processing, Data Entry, and Research

  • nehasb Profile Picture


    Mumbai,  India

    Regron Data Systems has been dealing with Search Engine Optimization and data processing for US and UK clients, since past 5 years. Our portfolio of services includes:- 1) SEO * Link Building and Profile backlinking. * Link wheel creation * Web 2.0 sites submissions * Article spinning and submissions * Build squidoo and Hub pages * Blogs maintenance: Blog posting, Blog submissions, Blog commenting, Installation of Search engine Optimized wordpress blogs with suitable plug-ins. * Deep link directory submissions * Social bookmarking * Press release submission * Profile maintenance on social media and networking sites. * RSS feeds submissions. * Twitter Monitoring * Facebook Management ====================================================================================== 2) Data processing and researching * Data Entry * Data collection (with research) * Data capturing from web * Leads entry and management in Zoho crm * Product data management in MS Excel/Access. * Recording Survey results in online forms or applications. * Downloading data files like pdfs, videos etc. * Data conversion/processing from Pdf to Excel/Word/Access * Building and Maintaining database of online shops using osCommerce, Joomla, Cre-loaded, Magento, Zencart etc.. * Creating and editing HTML pages * Accounts creation in various social networking, social bookmarking,videos uploading and article directories * Embedding videos (including adult content) * Preparing Excel reports, formats, tables, graphs, functions ====================================================================================== 3) Virtual Assistance * Web Research - Issue-Oriented Research or Summarizing Information * Document Development - Excel, PowerPoint, Writing, Editing, etc. * Data conversion & Data entry * Data mining * Consumer Research & Product Comparison * Market Research * Job Search Assistance * Academic Research * Task-Oriented Office Responsibilities * Transcription Services * Voice overs (Male and Female - US and Neutral accent) * Answering service * Call handling * Customer service * E-Mail Support * Inquiry handling * Help desk support * Live Chat Support * Customer support via email or chat * Online order managing and processing * Making calls to verify the details * Remote operations using Terminal client * Maintaining leads * Maintaining payments and debt collection records for financial organizations. ====================================================================================== 4) General Transcription and Voice overs - We document interviews, conferences, discussions and meetings from audio files. We can also provide Male and Female voice overs for welcome messages, greetings, answering machines, product descriptions - US as well Neutral accent. Our team of people are not only knowledgeable, experienced and passionate but also enthusiastic to take up any new ventures and challenges that are put forward. High level of integrity, unexcelled performance, and never-ending diligence in our work has made Regron Data Systems, what it is today. We do not merely believe in quality, but CONSISTENT QUALITY is our aim!

    Website Design, Copywriting, Internet Marketing, and Data Processing