Need List of Canadian Cities and Postal Codes

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I need a list of all Canadian cities with postal codes and provinces in a spreadsheet.

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Excellent!!! Extremely high quality in terms of skill, speed, and contents. Prompt as well as patient in communicating, which enables us, the buyers, to award and proceed the project very comfortably. Ability of grasping the buyers’ needs accurately is another reason for making imudita a great reliable partner. Also, very positive to the supportive advice on the final out-puts. I would definitely want to work with again.
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Excel VBA macro expert for: 1. Web Scraping using VBA under Excel to remote control MS Internet Explorer. 2. Excel Automation 3. Email Capture from MS Outlook 4. etc

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    Dhaka,  Bangladesh

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    indore,  India

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    Naryangonj,  Bangladesh

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    dhaka,  Bangladesh

    i will want to a famous freelancer.

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    Pasig City,  Philippines

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    bhopal,  India

    i am a hard working person. i will provide my best to complete the work given to me!

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    Hyderabad,  Pakistan

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    Translation, Internet Marketing, Data Processing, and Data Entry

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    nairobi,  Kenya

    qualifications and skills both are here

    Internet Marketing, Project Management, Data Entry, and Research