Netgear firewall, switch and VLAN configuration



I have two Netgear switches (both identical model (GS724TPS) that are stacked as one single logical switch and an Epygi Quadro M8L IP/SIP server attached to the switch. The switch itself is connected to a Netgear Firewall/VPN/Router (model FVS336G) where it gets out to the internet. \r\n\r\nThis is a small office environment with one PowerSpec server running SBS 2011 and the SBS is responsible for DNS and DHCP for all the server(s), PCs and Printers on the network, whereas ideally I would like the Epygi Quadro M8L IP/SIP server to be the DHCP server for the Snom IP phones and speakers. \r\n\r\nTo avoid DHCP conflicts and also to segregate data and voice traffic, I would like to use two VLANS. I want VLAN0 to be for the ip phones on 192.168.10.X and VLAN1 to be for everything else data related on 192.168.1.X. Obviously, will also need some static routes so that traffic from one VLAN and talk to another VLAN. \r\n\r\nI would like someone with experience with Netgear switches to remote in and walk me through the configuration as I\'m more of a CLI person and never did Netgear routers before and am faced with a deadline.

Skills: Cisco, Engineering, Technical Support

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