Need Multiplayer, Physics-Based Game Design


This game will be developed in Silverlight as a multiplayer FaceBook app. It will not be the next *Call of Duty* or *Halo*. It is intended for the casual FaceBook user who wants to enjoy a game.

A lot of people think that they can develop games. Please take a minute or two to convince me why you are the best option for this game development.

## Deliverables

Here are the requirements for the game. The design must take all of this into account.

1. The game will be based on a physics engine named FarSeer. It is similar to the engine that was used for angry birds.

2. The game will have between 2 and 6 players, and if any drop out or are disconnected, AI will continue play.

3. There is a lobby where users can create or join games. There must be the ability to create games for a group of friends and then invite them.

4. There are no losers. When a player is successful, their score increases. Nobody dies.

5. This is a turn-based game.

6. When it is not a user's turn, there MUST be something for them to do in order that they can try to gain advantage (and also not get bored). This is a challenge, but it is very important.

7. There should be a specific time limit for each move, after which the player loses their turn.

8. There should be a definite number of levels that comprise a play experience that can be set at runtime. For instance, the group of users might play 6 levels and then be returned to the lobby. There should be ten levels at the most--after that they repeat with a different difficulty.

9. The game levels all need to be interesting.

10. The game needs to be oriented around a metaphor. Just as angry birds, (which is also a physics-based game) this needs to be something that the 18-55 year old casual FaceBook user will enjoy. It would be really best if every level had a different metaphor.

11. The description of each level should include a sketch, description of objects and textures that will be used, description of music and sound.

12. There should be absolutely no danger of copyright infringement.

13. I need a splash screen sketch.

14. Since this will be targeted at FaceBook, there need to be extras that the players can buy that will give them an advantage.

15. There will be no need for help file or instructions (although they will be available for some users who like that). The game should be easy enough to understand without any help file or instructions.

16. I need a list of suggested game names.

Skills: Anything Goes, Engineering, Game Consoles, Game Design, Software Architecture, Software Testing

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