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For a customer I've got a matlab project:

I've got a quite large matlab code that takes a a long time to run. Toe code solve an economic model numerically and consists of two main part: The first part solves an analytic equiation of on a large multidimensional grid (similar to the finite elements method). The second part simulates the model using random numbers and the solutions found in the first part. Part 1 is about 90 lines including emtpy lines (see EGM_parfor.m), and part 2 is about 160 lines (see Simulate.m). Both files use similar functions.

The code runs fine, but it doesn't scale well and the speed up is not so large when i run on multiple cores. What I'd like help with is:


Optimize the code so that it runs faster in parallel. Please leave inputs and outputs unchanged so I don't need to alter the code in any other place in order to use the changes.

* There is probably a lot of performance to gain by correctly accessing the memmory ex by accessing data in colunmns and avoid creating unneccesary variables as outlined in [url removed, login to view])

* There might be some help on this blog?: [url removed, login to view] (But the code don't have many matrix multiplications)


This code is not yet parallelized. It is much quicker than the EGM_parfor, but still a little slow. Please leave inputs and outputs unchanged so I don't need to alter the code in any other place in order to use the changes.

* Please optimize the code to run faster, maybe some of the tricks from above?

* Further, please paralellize the code by adding an "outer" loop around it that divides the code into N "chunks" that each run on a separate matlab worker. For example, if there is 100k simulations and N=4, then create a parfor-loop that runs the first 25k simulations in the first iteration, simulations 25001-50k on the second iteration, and so on.

I attach the files you need to see in order to make a bid. Once I've decided on a bidder I will send all of the files as a .zip-file.

In order for me to take your bid seriously please write a few sentences about your experience of using PCT and MDCS in general and your experience with optimizing such code on a 64bit linux cluster specifically.

I will put all the money on escrow, but not release the payment until I'm 100% satisfied that the code is working as before, but substantially faster. I expect a code improvement of around 10 times (EG_parfor + Simulate). If you can speed it up as much as 50 times I will double your bid as payment, 100 times tripple it.

Skills: Algorithm, Engineering, Mathematics, Matlab and Mathematica, Physics

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