Mitsubishi PLC Programming


Looking for someone to write PLC program for 73 in and 32 out on Chain Assembly Machine.

Only Induction Motor, sensors and pneumatics parts

X0 Start No Push Button

X1 Stop NC Push Button

X2 Reset No Push Button

X3 ENDLOT No Door switch

X4 EMO Nc Push Button

X5 OK Bin Switcher1 No in_100_1 Reed Switch

X6 OK Bin Switcher2 No in_100_2 Reed Switch

X7 In Present Sensor1 No in_200_1 Proximity Switch

X10 In Present Sensor2 No in_200_2 Proximity Switch

X11 IndexerClyFwrRet No in_200_3 Reed Switch

X12 IndexerClyFwrExt No in_200_4 Reed Switch

X13 IndexerStopperRet No in_200_5 Reed Switch

X14 IndexerStopperEXt No in_200_6 Reed Switch

X15 CJPPress RET No in_300_1 Reed Switch

X16 CJPPress EXT No in_300_2 Reed Switch

X17 CJP Plate Present1 No in_300_3 ThruBeanSNS

X20 CJP Plate Present2 No in_300_4 ThruBeanSNS

X21 CJP Puller EXT No in_300_5 Reed Switch

X22 CJP Puller RET No in_300_6 Reed Switch

X23 CJP Precisor Cly Ret No In_400_1 Reed Switch

X24 CJP Precisor Cly EXt No In_400_2 Reed Switch

X25 CJP Present 1 No In_400_3 Proximity Switch

X26 CJP Present 2 No In_400_4 Proximity Switch

X27 CJP Present 3 No In_400_5 Proximity Switch

X30 RejectCJPClyRet No in_500_1 Reed Switch

X31 RejectCJPClyExt No in_500_2 Reed Switch

X32 RejectSNS1 No in_500_3 FiberSNS

X33 RejectSNS2 No in_500_4 FiberSNS

X34 RejectPrecisorRet No in_500_5 Reed Switch

X35 RejectPrecisorEXt No in_500_6 Reed Switch

X36 ClipPusherRet No In_600_1 Reed Switch

X37 ClipPusherExt No In_600_2 Reed Switch

X40 ClipPressRet No In_600_3 Reed Switch

X41 ClipPressExt No In_600_4 Reed Switch

X42 ClipPresentSns No In_600_5 ThruBeanSNS

X43 TrackUpDnRet No In_600_6 Reed Switch

X50 TrackUpDnExt No In_600_7 Reed Switch

X51 ClipPrecisorRet No In_700_1 Reed Switch

X52 ClipPrecisorExt No In_700_2 Reed Switch

X53 ClipedSns No In_700_3 Proximity Switch

X54 ClipStationPresent1 No In_700_4 Proximity Switch

X55 ClipStationPresent2 No In_700_5 Proximity Switch

X56 ClipStationPresent3 No In_700_6 Proximity Switch

X57 EndTrackCounterSns No In_800_1 Proximity Switch

X60 EndTrackAfterVisionSns No In_800_2 Proximity Switch

X61 UpDnTrackPresentSns1 No In_800_3 Proximity Switch

X62 UpDnTrackPresentSns2 No In_800_4 Proximity Switch

X63 EndTrackVisionTriggerSns No In_800_5 Proximity Switch

X64 PushToEndTrackClyRet No In_900_1 Reed Switch

X65 PushToEndTrackClyExt No In_900_2 Reed Switch

X66 VisionPrecisorClyRet No In_900_3 Reed Switch

X67 VisionPrecisorClyEXt No In_900_4 Reed Switch

X70 ReJectVisionClyRet No In_900_5 Reed Switch

X71 ReJectVisionClyExt No In_900_6 Reed Switch

X72 ClipedExtendClyRet No In_900_7 Reed Switch

X73 ClipedExtendClyExt No In_900_8 Reed Switch

Y0 START Lamp Button

Y1 STOP Lamp Button

Y2 RESET Lamp Button

Y3 ENDLOT Lamp Button

Y4 Buzzer

Y5 OK Bin Selector Cly Out_100_1 Cly normal ok bin1

Y6 Roller Motor Out_200_1 Relay On Motor

Y7 In Stopper Out_200_2 Cly Stopper

Y10 IndexerFwr Out_200_3 Cly Normal Ret

Y11 IndexerStopper Out_200_4 Cly Normal Ret

Y12 CJP Press ClyUp Out_300_1 Cly Normal Up

Y13 CJP Press ClyDn Out_300_2 Cly Normal Up

Y14 CJP Puller Cly Out_300_3 Cly Normal Ext

Y15 CJP Precisor Cly Out_400_1 Cly Normal Ret

Y16 CJP Stopper Out_400_2 Cly Normal Ret

Y17 RejectCJPCly Out_500_1 Cly Normal Ret

Y20 RejectPrecisorCly Out_500_2 Cly Normal Ret

Y21 ClipPusherCly Out_600_1 Cly Normal Ret

Y22 ClipPressClyUp Out_600_2 Cly Normal Ret

Y23 ClipPressClyDn Out_600_3 Cly Normal Ret

Y24 TrackUpDnCly Out_600_4 Cly Normal Ret

Y25 ClipPrecisorCly Out_700_1 Cly Normal Ret

Y26 ClipStopperCly Out_700_2 Cly Normal Ret

Y27 PushToEndTrackCly Out_900_1 Cly Normal Ret

Y30 VisionPrecisorCly Out_900_2 Cly Normal Ret

Y31 ReJectVisionCly Out_900_3 Cly Normal Ret

Y32 ClipedExtendCly Out_900_4 Cly Normal Ret

Skills: Electrical Engineering, Engineering, PLC & SCADA

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I am an electrical engineer.I provide hardware ans software support for for Mitsubishi ans Siemens PLC's for local industry. I am expert in Ladder Logic,I will get your work done most efficiently and in least of tim More

$250 USD in 4 days
(37 Reviews)

Hello, I can do this job.

$550 USD in 15 days
(7 Reviews)

Hello, The details of the bid are posted to your mailbox. Thanks,

$750 USD in 30 days
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Hello! I am a PLC programmer with 6 years experience.

$750 USD in 14 days
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I will do this job as per your requirement, for more information contact with me PM. Thanks.

$300 USD in 15 days
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i have an $ years in PLC programming,the programming will be completed within the time spam more details are requested please contact me via PMB

$450 USD in 15 days
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I have been in the automation field since 1994 & i am very experienced in turnkey projects including electrical cabinets design & manufacture ,plc & scada programming ,servo's & etc .

$540 USD in 5 days
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i n plc programming

$250 USD in 30 days
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hi employer . i completed diploma in scada and plc code writing , i am looking forward to do your project

$450 USD in 7 days
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I have 5 years experience on programming of PLC's and HMI in most brands specially SIEMENS AB MITSUBISHI DELTA ....AND OTHERS

$250 USD in 15 days
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Hello, I'm the person that Mitsubishi sends to customers when they want job to be done in Serbia or Bosnia. I can provide you official recommendation letter from Mitsubishi rep in Serbia. Worked a lot with different M More

$650 USD in 14 days
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Hello. I am a company owner specialized for PLC programming,we have a big experience in this branch. I can prepare the code for you with comemnts on english. We have costumers like a big companies. We have capability t More

$650 USD in 13 days
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I am an expert PLC programmer, specialist on IEC 61131-3. Please check private message.

$500 USD in 15 days
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Hi, I have 17 Years of Experience in the field of Factory Automation, Has hands on on almost all PLC's. With the correct sequence and interlock list given, i can write the ladder without a single flaw. you will get More

$500 USD in 7 days
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please provide fuul details of project. I.e. is there a picture or drawing of the machine with referances to what the inputs and outputs actually do? Also do you have a list of sequences that need to be programmed? More

$400 USD in 5 days
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