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Restaurant Industry Market Researcher Needed

Hi,\\r\\n\\r\\nI\\\'m looking for a market researcher who can help me get a better idea of the demographics of full-service and limited service restaurant owners who own less than five locations in the United States.\\r\\n\\r\\nI have several reports from the National Restaurant Association and several other sources, but I\\\'m not able to get to the core information about restaurant owners that I need.\\r\\n\\r\\nThat\\\'s where you would help me.\\r\\n\\r\\nI don\\\'t have active subscriptions to any databases and I can\\\'t make heads or tails of the online census database which seems like it would have the information I need.\\r\\n\\r\\nSo, I would need you to find any and all readily available demographic information about restaurant owners. \\r\\n\\r\\nHere\\\'s a baseline of the basic information I would need:\\r\\n\\r\\n- Age\\r\\n- Educational attainment level\\r\\n- Family size\\r\\n- Marital status\\r\\n- Nationality\\r\\n- Parenthood status\\r\\n- Race/ Ethnicity\\r\\n- Religion\\r\\n- Sex or gender\\r\\n- Socioeconomic status\\r\\n- Full service/Limited service\\r\\n- Geographic trends\\r\\n- Political Parties\\r\\n- Any other information you can find about restaurant owners.\\r\\n\\r\\nGeneral Overview:\\r\\n\\r\\nSo, the first step would be to search online databases or whatever source you choose in order to create a list of restaurant owners in the United States that own less than five restaurants. \\r\\n\\r\\nThe list should include all available demographic information about those restaurant owners.\\r\\n\\r\\nA sample size of 5,000-10,000 restaurant owners should be enough. But I would welcome as many as you can find within a reasonable amount of time.\\r\\n\\r\\nFor me a reasonable time frame is to have this project completed within the next two weeks.\\r\\n\\r\\nSecondly, I would want you to organize the information in a general sort of way. By no stretch of the imagination am I expecting you to read each record.\\r\\n\\r\\nThat\\\'s crazy.\\r\\n\\r\\nThe generalizing of information (or profile creating) that I\\\'m talking about would be submitted to me in the form of pie charts or line graphs showing averages or how many of the list is in a certain category.\\r\\n\\r\\nThis would give me generalized profiles based on the information, so that I can know that \"the average restaurant owner in the United States is a certain age, race, married etc.\"\\r\\n\\r\\nJust think of survey results pie charts and you\\\'ve got the gist of what I\\\'m looking for.\\r\\n\\r\\nIf this is something that you could do in the next couple of weeks, then submit your bid and turnaround time.\\r\\n\\r\\nI also want to state that I am not a market researcher. So, I don\\\'t have any idea what the going rate is for what I\\\'m asking. This is a learning experience for me, so be gentle.\\r\\n\\r\\nIf you find that my bid range is too low or an insult to you, then feel free to contact me or submit a bid that\\\'s fair for you. I will make my choice based on the bids submitted.\\r\\n\\r\\nlastly, before you submit your bid, at least take a look online or through your resources and see if you can actually get the data. The last thing I want is a over-ambitious researcher who assumes they can get the data, only to let me know weeks later that they haven\\\'t found anything useful yet.\\r\\n\\r\\nI\\\'ve tried to provide as much information as I could, but feel free to ask any question.\\r\\n\\r\\nThanks,\\r\\n\\r\\nChris

Skills: Data Mining, Excel, Market Research

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