Record video using webcam from web page. Allow editing, then upload.



I want a user to go to a web page and be able to record themselves (video and audio) with their web cam and then upload the video to my server.

The video would be very short ( 10 seconds or less).

Also, the user would need to be able to edit the video before they upload it.

Here is how it would work -

Website would have button/link that says "Record Video".

If user clicks this then it would bring up record window and web cam would turn on to show preview.

User would click "Record" button on record window to start recording.

There would be a small count down like "3, 2, 1" before video starts recording.

Then while it is recording there would be a red "light" on record window showing that it is recording.

Recording would automatically stop after 10 seconds if user does not click stop button.

Then the user could upload the video or they could edit the video.

If they choose to upload the video then it would be uploaded as-is and they would just give it a name.

If they choose to edit the video they would click a button that says "Edit".

The video would then start playing and it would loop.

There would also be 4 buttons that would appear (or become active) under the video when they click "Edit"

"-" button on the left side to decrease the beginning time point of the loop.

"+" button on the left side to increase the beginning time point of the loop.

"-" button on the right side to decrease the ending time point of the loop.

"+" button on the right side to increase the ending time point of the loop.

Each time the user clicks one of these buttons it would shift the looping frame by a very small amount of time ( like .1 seconds).

This would allow a user to finely adjust the exact edit points for the clip.

Once the user has the looping clip adjusted the way they like, they can then click "Upload".

They would then be prompted to name the video and then the video would be uploaded to my server.

Skills: ActionScript, Adobe Flash

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