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233378 Adobe Flex 3 SWF & Graphics

I need to create a Flash file that will display a toolbar on the top,

toolbox on the left and the remaining display containing a main

panel that we add, move & remove images on.

The images will be available in a floating toolbox on the left. To add an image to the main panel the user needs to click it in the toolbox or drag it from the toolbox onto the main panel.

Please see the example SWF for a basic drawing of this layout (see attached image).

This is a BASIC mockup of what I want to create.

Currently drawing selection boxes only works from top left to bottom right direction.

The idea is that I want this flash file to enable the user to add images to the main panel, move them around, make copies of them, cut and paste them, group and ungroup them and also change the Z order (move to front and back).

The images the user is working with are only available in the toolbox and cannot be loaded from disk.

I will now refer to these images as objects.

Right-click on an object opens a popup menu:







- Bring to Front

- Send to Back

- Bring Forward

- Send Backward


- Group

- Ungroup

Clicking on an object will display the properties for that object in a

properties window. Selecting more than one object disables the editing of the properties window contents.

The Toolbox


The toolbox will contain a collapsable pane as seen on the left hand side of Ms-Outlook. There will be three groups that contain a set of images the user can click on or drag into the main panel.

Assume 3 collapsable panes each containing 5 images.

Each image in the toolbox should have a tooltip.

Clicking on an image in the toolbox or dragging an image from the toolbox into the main panel will display a properties window that contains properties for that image.

These properties can be edited by the user.



The main toolbar at the top of the Flash file should look like (not not identical to) the toolbar in [url removed, login to view] and Acrobat reader.

Each item on the toolbar should have a tooltip.

It will contain the following items:

Logo (Basically just the name of the application as a graphic)

- it should be clickable to open a url

Menu with sub items


- Open

- Close

- Discard Changes


- Save Changes

- Save Changes As...


- Undo


- Cut

- Copy

- Paste

- Delete


- Select All


- Language

-- English


- Online Help

- Report a Problem


- Tell A Friend

- About

Previous Page (button)

Next Page (button)

Jump To Page [ ] (input box)

None of these menu functions do anything in phase 1, that is for phase 2.

Main Content panel:


This is where objects (images) are added, dragged onto, moved around, z order changed, grouped, deleted, selected, unselected.

Right-clicking on the main content panel but not on an object will display a popup with the following items:

- Select All (only enabled when all items are not selected)

- Unselect All (only enabled when all items selected)

The main panel will be filled white with a shadow on the right and bottom. See attached image for basic example of layout.

It will be scrollable and when scrolled the toolbox, properties window and toolbar do not move. The objects (images) added to this panel will also scroll.

Selecting an object is done by single-clicking on it. This action should highlight the object as demonstrated in the example attached.



When the flash file is loading it need to display a progress indicator

while loading. It should be inside a rounded box and display the text

"Loading... xx% completed"



You will need to have two main skills:

1. Graphics design

2. Create & program flash files

3. You need to make this really nice and professional looking.

This bid is for phase 1 of the application.

Please bid with the word "understood" in your message so I know you can read english and are not a bot posting random bids.

Also, ALL bids with generic text like "can be done" will be ignored. Ask me questions.

During Phase 2 (after this first part is completed) some more features

will be added and you will also need to create the logo and the images

that will be displayed in the toolbox. I will create another project for phase 2 for only you to bid on if your work in phase 1 is good.

Please do not bid if you are not available for phase 2 as well.

No bidders from India or Pakistan please.

Talk is cheap, prove to me you are the best selection for this project.

Good luck :)

Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, Graphic Design

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