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PROJECT JAZZ LOGO + FLASH INTRO SPECIFICATIONS LOGO, BANNERS, LAMINANTS, SPLASH PAGES You must read through this entire Project Description, we will only accept bids by those who have agreed to read this document. By BIDDING YOU FULLY ACKNOWLEDGED TO HAVE READ THROUGH THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT AND AGREE TO ALL TERMS. Only bid if you are able to provide a portfolio of previous work, preferably with this type of project samples (LOGO DESIGN, graphic design, flash, animation, web splash pages, etc). THIS IS A “WORK FOR HIRE” DESIGN PROJECT. All work done, submitted and approved will become and will remain the property of the Internet Organization Publishing and the Internet Organization LLC. Your bid must reflect the total amount you are charging (no partial rates, hourly rates, fractional fees etc), this is MANDATORY and part of the POLICY of the website we are using to contract you. PROJECT JAZZ INTRODUCTION This is a simple LOGO DESIGN project for somebody wanting great feedback and potential future work! We need a great looking logo design for a new online portal business currently in development. We will eventually need a series of Logos for this new membership Channel Based website, but right now we are focusing on the Main Logo Design. If your work is good and professional we will certainly consider you for our brand development assignments similar to this, as well as any FLASH or ANIMATED designs, BANNER ads, SPLASH PAGES, etc. If your work is outstanding, and your RATES EXTREMELY REASONABLE, we will most likely use you for more immediate work. MAIN LOGO DESIGN – CODE NAME: “PROJECT JAZZ” The logo we need for Project JAZZ is to represent an online service gateway being created for the EVENTS & CREATIVE industries (The actual project name and additional Specifications will be given to you when you send your request to bid and you respond in the message area). The other logos (not needed immediately) will represent “Channels” within this portal. A truly unique entity and Historic project, Project JAZZ eventually will need quite a few different, but similar logos along with flash and/or animated splash pages. To begin, we need an ORIGINAL DESIGN, something extremely professional and unique, a creative Logo. This cannot be copied from any other design, template, stencil, model, outline, pattern, library, etc. It MUST BE 100% ORIGINAL- straight from your own creative mind! A design that is comfortable to look at, sophisticated, with a very “corporate” look, but at the same time it must be Fun and “Way Cool”! The profile of our membership is one of a highly creative group of individuals. The logo needs to be very eye-catching and flashy, not overly flashy, but it needs to appease them so these very creative, right brain individuals will say, “Wow, that's off the hook”!! This is extremely important as this logo will be added to the existing trademark company plans. BUDGET We have overspent our budget for this project and it truly would be a shame to leave it looking dull and unprofessional without a cool logo design so please bid low amounts as I simply do not have the budget right now. Our goal is to find someone that is great at what they do, so as to justify possibly hiring them to do our graphic and logo design work. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING OVER THE MAX BID AMOUNT! DON'T WASTE MY TIME OR YOURS. I HAVE A LIMITED BUDGET FOR THIS PROJECT ONLY BID IF YOU CAN WORK WITHIN THESE SPECS. SPECIFICATIONS I will give you more info via the Message Board but here are some additional details: As I've mentioned above, this Main Logo Creation is being designed for an Online Service business, a website that will be similar to a Portal for what we define as the EVENTS & CREATIVE industries. There eventually will be plenty of activity on this site, and something for everyone within the “Member Specific Industries” to do. A gigantic resource guide to help members do just about anything possible as it pertains to their position. Whether they are a bus-boy in a hotel, or the Hotel owner, a special event planner or Mr. Star Wars- George Lucas himself, corporate buyers and planners to product manufacturers and reps, meeting managers to concert promoters and the rock stars that play at the shows they produce. This gateway will play host to a very diverse audience, who as diverse as they may be, work together towards common goals on a daily basis. MEMBERS SPECIFIC INDUSTRIES This Gateway development will focus on the following industries- Special Events, Meeting Planning (Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, Congresses & Tradeshows), Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment and Music. Also besides their vertical markets we've included these industries too- Food & Beverage, Publishing & Printing and all Associations within these industries. PROJECT HISTORY We have spent many years developing our concept for this particular project. We have years of R&D, Strategic Alliance Development, partnerships, business relationships, content creation, etc. etc. etc. Of course besides this enormous amount of work and time invested in this project, there is a great deal of money invested as well. Unfortunately we are near the end of our investment funds and need to finish off some of these details on a real tiny shoestring budget, and as mentioned above, because we have overspent our funds it truly would be a shame to have an unprofessional design- So Please Do Bid As Low as Possible, if you are selected, your chance for future work is GREAT!! Your alliance with us could payoff in huge dividends as this would be an excellent opportunity if you are invited to come on board to assist us with future work. OUR EXPECTATIONS To consider your talents for this project and future work, we expect to see a number of conceptual designs and mockup drawings first, and then of course the finished designs. Before we decide on the final version you must have created at least 4 different samples per design concept. You may have several different design concepts as per our Name, Type of business, the member profiles, and overall Specs. Once we review these design samples of the logo that you would propose for the project, we will finalize the logo(s) before we make a payment. Please remember that the logo must be unique as it will be added to the existing trademark company plans. Additionally, besides our main logo, if we select to keep multiple designs from the collection of logos you create you will be “rehired” as per the rules and regulations of the website we are using to find your services. We might choose to use them at a later point in time. This quote is for 1 (ONE) main logo design. Any Secondary logo designs we may be interested in purchasing will only be done during a “rehire”, again, based only as per the rules and regulations of the website we are using to find your services. You may choose to give us your additional designs, to throw them in as a packaged deal for your entire bid amount. We have seen numerous designers do this on this and other websites. Of course, we will not argue with you if you choose to do this for us. We require that no payment is made before the work has been done and we are pleased with the work. Please ask us any questions what-so-ever. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything at all before you start, or of course, during the process of creating your designs. If you don't quite understand what we want, or you have any ideas you think should be added please contact us. Additionally, we might have different ideas that might populate through our research or through some of the ideas that you present to us. If this is the case, you might be asked to make some changes as well. Ideally, if you complete this project on time, without any problems, and with excellent results, we will pass more of our design work to you, both our own internal work needed as well as jobs from our customer base. As one of our revenue models, we are building, designing and developing website projects for our members, this is just one of the services we offer to our Thousands of members. TECHNICAL SPECS The logo is to be used on our websites, other websites, advertisements (both online and traditional advertising too), business cards, stationery, t-shirts and product labels, i.e. packaging, blankets, tapestries, etc. The successful bidder will need to provide the final selected design(s) in various formats and sizes to assist with billboards, posters, printing, web, screen-printing and other requirements. The end result should be in several different types of very high quality files (YOUR SUGGESTIONS HERE ARE VERY MUCH WELCOMED), as well as Web ready 72 pixels. I would also like the design(s) to be used on the Web, in multiple sizes from a small “Icon” type of files, to a very large size as one might picture in the middle of a Splash Page screen. You must ensure the logo fits well with all of the above and below details (including of course the info you will receive from the message board), however we will make the final decision on what design(s) to use. Regarding the small Icon sizes they must look good in a tiny size. Please send me a Private Message (PM) with your details- a portfolio of previous work, specifically with this job type of project samples (Logo Designs, graphic design, flash, animation, web splash pages, etc). I will send you the “NAME” and any additional concept ideas for this particular logo. As I mention above, depending on how this relationship develops, we expect to have a continuous stream of graphic work that we will very possibly share with the successful bidder, this could also include the design of different aspects of our Website Portal too. DISCLOSURE By accepting this offer to Bid, and simply through the process of bidding, you fully acknowledge that all information being shared with you and your company, staff, associates, or any other professional or individual who you share information pertaining to this Work For Hire LOGO DESIGN JOB, is highly CONFIDENTIAL and TOP SECRET. It is your responsibility to be certain that all of the information we disclose is kept highly confidential and not shared with anyone not working on this project. THIS IS A WORK FOR HIRE PROJECT. FINAL THANK YOU Thank You for reading this offer to Bid. Please remember to not post unless you have created at least 4 Sample Logos for us to review! There will be several of our staff reviewing these samples, so messages may not be returned right away. Thanks and good luck with your bids!!

Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, Graphic Design, Marketing, Website Design

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