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I am looking for website developers who have experience with graphics, php, vbulletin and some flash.

Note: I have also attached a .doc file with the following details for ease of reading.

This is what i need done:

Mimic of the design used by this website: [url removed, login to view], i need support for different languages as well.

Pages to Copy:

1. The front page

2. This page: [url removed, login to view];AppId=440&cc=SE


Both the pages should be made as a plugin for vbulletin(or if you have a better idea, i am all ears), because there are a lot of things that must be editable easily.

Details of the front page:

1. The right hand side menu should be fully integrated with vbulletin. The Search box should be integrated with vbulletin and the Latest News part for example must get the news to display, from my vbulletin forums. For this you will have to make a script where i can enter the forum id's. You will also need to make a system that manages all these small scripts because i will need several of each of them.

The Latest News part for example uses a different script than the Publisher Catalogs part. Latest News one gets thread titles from the forums and Publisher Catalogs displays several predefined links.

This is how the first script should look:

Script 1 Details(Look at the Latest News part on the frontpage to understand how this should work):

Title: <Title to be displayed(for ex: Latest News)>

Order: <in which order it should be displayed, for example if there are 3 other such scripts then if i enter "2" in here it should be displayed on second place>

Forum IDs: <list of forum id's, the script should read thread-titles from the forum id's entered in here>

Total Threads: <total number of titles to be displayed>

Script 2 Details(Look at the Publisher Catalogs part on the frontpage to understand how this should work):

Title: <>

Links per Column: <number of links that should be displayed per column, like if i have 11 links then i might want to add 6 on each side, but since there are only 11 links there should be 6 on the first side and 5 on the other(look at the Publisher Catalogs page, you will see that there are 6 links on one side and 5 on the other)>

Link1: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Link2: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Link3: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Link4: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Add More Links - when i click on this 5 more "Link#:" should be added, in case i need to add more.

Script 3 Details(Look at the "Find More..." part on the frontpage to understand how this should work):

Title: <>

Images per Row: <number of images that should be displayed per row, like for ex in the "Find More..." part there are 3 images>

Image1: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed on the image>

Image2: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Image3: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Image4: <link> Name: <name that should be displayed>

Add More Images - when i click on this 5 more "Images#:" should be added, in case i need to add more.

Now onto the left part of the front page.

This part is quite simple, the main things to do on this part are:

1. The flash part(in the middle), i will provide more info on this later since it is nothing complex.

There are some other minor things that also need to be done, but i will explain that later since its simple stuff.

Now the Second page([url removed, login to view];AppId=440&cc=SE), you must make this one dynamic so that i can create as many as like:

This is basically what settings should be:

Middle Part:

Title: <title of the product, like Team Fortress 2 for ex>

Main Image: <the main image to be displayed in the middle, like this one:>

Info: <you will have to use the vbulletin inbuilt wysiwyg editor here, so that i can enter information using colors, different text size etc >

Price: <in here i will enter the price for this product, and this should be displayed in the Purchase field(just under the main image on the Team Fortress page)>

Left-Hand Menu:

Top-Image: <Image to be displayed on top of menu like this for ex.>

ImageText: <text to be displayed right under the image like the Read Critic Reviews>

ImageTextLink: <url that you should be directed to when you clikc on the Image-Text or the Top-Image>

Script 4(you will have to make another script for the video part incase i need to enter several videos on the menu)

Title: <title of the video to be displayed right under the video>

Link: <link to the video>

Script 5(this script should have a wysiwyg editor inside it so that i can enter info. using different colors like the Game Details part on the second page)

Block Title: <the title of the block like "Game Details">

wysiwyg Editor Box: <the wysiwyg editor here>

and thats it for the second page.

Now heres approx how the whole thing should look:

A page where ican edit the main page and its menu.

A page where i can make new pages(like the Second page), for my products.

A page where i can create menu's and associate them to the product pages, put all the different Scripts together on this page so that i can easily

select which ones i want to use.

You will also ned to edit some images, so as to remove the "Steam" text and write my website title there instead.

NOTE: The MAX price i am willing to pay for this project is $500, and i will choose the LOWEST price bidder!

NOTE: Please only serious bids! I would prefer if you wrote me a PM as well so that i know you are a serious bidder.

Thank You

Skills: Adobe Flash, Graphic Design, Website Design

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