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Number 1

Job Duties

Job Duties: Design & Completion of the Electronic Archive Unit

a. Photograph Processing Unit: Preparing manual index for transferring photos into electronic copies processed according to the best electronic saving specifications , compatible with all future uses for exhibitions, conferences and other media materials.

b. Preparing daily photography program for archiving and documenting sites, projects, persons, events and occasions.

c. Establishing archive bibliographies for their highnesses:

1. The Late President / Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, the Founder of the UAE.

2. H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

3. H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Along with the archive of their highnesses the rulers of the emirates, senior leaders and officers .

• Historical and archaeological sites archive.

• Armed Forces units' holdings archive

• Series of International Defense Exhibitions, (IDEX) through its last nine editions

• Aviation Exhibitions Archive

• Continuous Reload Strategy of Work System Inputs in terms of latest technologies and updates in archiving.

Number 2


Photographing all achievements of work related matters

1. Projects 2. Persons [url removed, login to view] 4. Events & Occasions (Video + Photograph)

Number 3

Executed Tasks

• Arranging showcases of weapons, commemorative coats for Command & Staff College.

• Planning VIP reception hall for Command & Staff College.

*Preparing several documentary Albums for souvenirs and end of services archive for Sheikhs, officers and VIPs.

• Arranging &designing a number of media campaigns for all occasions;5introductory books ,Video, editorials

• Conducting a survey for Armed Forces Units in order to introduce the system and strategy of civil archiving within a specific visiting schedules .

• Zayed Military College

• Sheikh Khalifa Air College

• Navy Forces

• Land Forces

• Amiri Guard etc

Sheikh Zayed Museum Project , Al Maqtaa Fort Museum and the Military Museum:

• In collaboration with Emirates News Agency , Abu Dhabi T.V. and many other media entities ; then I was assigned to supervise and follow up the preparation of media materials for the largest project i.e the Museum of the Late President Sheikh Zayed , May Allah Have Mercy On.

• Participated with several local concerned institutions in exhibitions and international conferences.

• Conducted a number of photo shows , at the local, Arab and international level for various projects, products and shows.

• Milan Summer Festival sponsored by the Italian Tourism Board.

• Di Como Book Fair, year 2008.

• Organized and executed several showcases of key brands

• Venice Biennale Festival / 12-Nov-2008 .

• The Winter Edition of Kuala Lumpur Festival (Kenzo).

• Talented Designer Award.

• Tea resection for many summer seasons in many editions –Liberty of London.

• Arranged a number of press conferences and localized broadcast for several events and international exhibitions.

• Venice Film Festival , 23-Sept-2008.

• Versace Fair , 15-Aug.-2008 corpa lump our.

• Starhill Festival in Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur, featuring major brands and premium commodities.

• Collaborated with several local and international institutions in many activities which include: ( exhibitions, media campaigns, press conferences , preparing various cultural and commercial events , photo shows and branding.

Number 4

Documentary Films:

a. A Film featuring the Australian Archiving Experience ; prepared the scenario, voice over and montage of the above film in order to document the new systems adopted in Australia in areas of arts, archive and bibliography.

b. A Documentary Film about the history of Al Maqta Fort (Hosn), in Abu Dhabi and the history of Abu Dhabi Police.

• A Special film featuring UAE Armed Forces achievements & history.

• Media scenario film of the late President / Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Museum in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage; prepared large volumes of historical photos and educational subjects in terms of preparation, processing and saving.

• Arranged Sheikh Zayed memorial documentary film which was shown in his first memorial and kept on show until 2009 , consecutively shown in different occasions.

• Many documentary films for promotional offers.

• Commercial offers

• Tourism offers

• Entertainment offers

• Different products

Number 5

Accomplishments Branding Area

1- Designed many showcases related to UAE Armed Forces units.

-Military clothes showcases.

-Heritage holdings showcases

- Designed VIP reception hall of the Command and Staff College

- Prepared many documentary photos for VIPs.

-Prepared & designed many media campaigns for different events including introductory books, leaflets, charts , opening shows , videos, etc.

2- Conducted field survey for equipping and introducing the Armed Forces units to the new archiving systems of media as per set schedule.

3- Commissioned , in my capacity as the In-Charge officer in the Electronic Archive Department and for joint committees with Abu Dhabi Authority For Culture & Heritage; tackling Media Scenario Project for Sheikh Zayed Museum on Saadiyat Island along with the Military Museum project.

4- Participated in many local and international exhibitions and conferences.

Number 6

Documentary Film Unit:

My contributions included:

1-Setting up Film Archiving & Documentation System and have them classified for permanent archiving plan.

2-Sorting and classifying 16ml & 8ml films, processing and enhancing Footage for permanent archiving plan and qualifying them for re use and show.

3-Transferring all selected 16ml & 8ml media materials into DVD within specific related software; having them sorted and classified according to subject and significance of events including historical, promotional, documentary media, characters and occasions, etc.

4-Providing advanced technological archiving systems and solutions within workshops and advanced strategies with the largest companies working in the field including:

- J.V.C

- Fore Front Technology

- Kodak

- Canon

- Sony

- Almo

- Optix Digital Pictures

- Laser Fish

- Docware

5- Preparing & designing storage and classification unit (storage concept) for that department and have it adapted for showing, receiving & lending mechanism, including archiving, lending and reading for visitors, interested parties and researchers.

• Preparing oral tradition department, conducting interviews with senior officers, photographing all dialogues & interviews inside and outside the unit.

• Preparing audio-visual presentation video department as required for daily work.

Number 7


1- Designed & implemented many exhibitions:

A- Armed Forces Exhibition held under the auspices of H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed – May Allah Save Him – within the events of the annual Ramadan editions of the Armed Forces Officers Club; prepared the scenario & general structure of the exhibition, exhibition hall, exhibits, media invitations, press coverage and documentation tasks.

B- Exhibition dedicated for the annual memorial of the Late President /Sheikh Zayed which was launched under the auspices of Sheikh Sultan Al Qasemi. The exhibition presented a distinguished selection of photos, equipment, medals and certificates attained by the Late President Sheikh Zayed and designed and presented in both English & Arabic languages. This is in addition to my contribution in developing a memorial documentary film which was the most significant event in the exhibition and on show until 2009.

-Prepared the media campaign accompanying the festival in coordination with many prominent media institutions inside & outside the country.

-Prepared and coordinated VIP Invitation Department.

-Arranged full interior design of exhibition galleries & show stands in a specific site, constructed and fitted such purpose .

C-Reloading the permanent exhibition of the Armed Forces Officers Club which is assigned for military photos and clothes ; the exhibition is located on the ground floor and arranged under permanent supervision.

D-Preparing and designing the Armed Forces Achievements & Military History Exhibition (third edition) under the auspices of Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan, which held at the Armed Forces Officers Club; prepared a brief documentary film on the history and achievements of the Armed Forces.

E- Arranging special Exhibition for Armed Forces Unification Memorial Day at the Armed Forces Officers Club under the auspices of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed - May Allah Save Him ; many machineries , facilities and weapons of the unit were featured at the event.

F- Organizing the exhibition held in Al Ain City under the auspices of H.H. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed - May Allah Save Him - ; featuring many photos, armored vehicles and machineries about the history of the Late President /Sheikh Zayed along with military history achievements; the event was inaugurated in presence of the Major General/ Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili and with other participants from Abu Dhabi Police.

G- Participated in the Armed Forces Pavilion within the events of Al Ain Air show.

H- Participated in a special show for Al Ain University under the auspices of Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak, Minister of Higher Education.

I- Prepared the permanent exhibition of the UNESCO Conference and events round, Al Ain by supervising the round to be held in Al Ain city and showcasing history and achievements including the preparation of conference portfolio in addition to many other local exhibitions.

Number 8

Local & Arab Participations:

1- Luxury Yacht Festival & Exhibition 10-18 February 2007, Verona, 5th edition

2- Rome Marathon 2007

3- Zayed I Heritage Festival

4- Women Co-Strategies Events in Johannesburg 2003

5- Dubai Air Shows

6- Various commercial exhibitions throughout Dubai

J- (Cap Sat)

K- Big Five

L- Interior Design

7- Rome Backstage Festival Events

8- Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – "Arab Women in Media" Conference

9- King Hussein Marathon - Summer 2006 events.

10- Milan Book Fair events, Milan [url removed, login to view]

11- Milano Film Festival

Number 9

Academic Certificates and Specialized Training Courses

Certificates and Training Courses

• Job Analysis Diploma, ABC-ELS359 University ; thirty hours , year 2000.

• Training Center Advanced Diploma, ABC University; 30 hours taken in the following areas:

a. Media projects' management

b. Quality management

c. Risk & crisis management

d. Diploma; Offices and front lines management

3. Diploma ; Media specialized terminologies for media promotion & electronic messaging technologies

4. 18 Hours, advanced diploma obtained from ABC University in the following fields:

a. Creative paths in media management

b. Creative planning for media campaigns

c. Diploma; Development of trademarks publication

&large trading corporations

d. Media discourse and conference presentation techniques courses, Newcastle Training Institute; obtained excellent grade; period from 05 to 13 August 2002

e. Course in "News Presentation and Reporting Techniques" obtained excellent grade; period from 19 to 28 August 2002, Newcastle Training Institute

5. Course in arranging and presentation of news drafting and vocabulary and major media events

6. News training course–Voice of America in collaboration with Media Women Center

7. Course in electronic archiving, documentation and bibliography systems for media institutions and government authorities - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – total 30 hrs, advanced course 07-11 April 2010+ 12 hours credit in workshops

8. Course in new strategies in dealing with VIPs and management of front lines for VIP customer service – total 60 hrs, 25-29 April, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

9. Course in " Classification of Media and Advertisement" for newspaper and magazine preparation; participated in establishing Dustur Guide-Dustur Newspaper- Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – Amman.

10. Several specialized courses in ceremonies and protocols; latest was the course held for Moral Guidance Department, Armed Forces-UAE.

11. Course in "Media Campaigns Preparation", Newcastle.

Academic Certificates Obtained

• Bachelor of International Press – University of Sheffield – 1999

* Master of Arts, International Press Department, University of Sheffield, UK ; developed a thesis on

*Electronic media & quality performance standards in servicing projects and trademarks

*Academic PHD in public communication, International Press; University of Sheffield, UK-Britain

Some Specialized Training Courses

• (Diploma): Media Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development, 30hrs, EL405.

• (Diploma): 'Protocols, press conferences, inauguration and sponsorship offers"

• Course in "Motivating employees under job stress through positive leadership.

• (Diploma ) "The leader employee , behavior and motives"

• Course in "12 steps for building the team spirit and organizing creative media work progress".

Other Media Courses

1. Course in "Technical systems for management and organization of conferences, exhibitions and social occasions" - VIPs Category.

2. European School of Economics Diploma (Milano); management of luxury goods programs and relevant institutions ; period of three months, [url removed, login to view]

3. (Diploma) in "Media terminologies for organizing awareness media " from TEC BIZ institute, Milano, 20.07.2010.

4. Course in" Job performance development for front liners, customer service and service providers - VIP category –" obtained excellent grade; period from 17 - 30 July 2002.

5. (Advanced Diploma) in media voice over for documentary programs and promotional shows; London Film& TV Academy

6. Course in "Hospitality systems modernization for VIP customer service departments."

7. (Diploma) in "Preparation of media campaigns & online marketing plans , SPS MC2003"

8. Course in "Online marketing strategies development ", SPSM11

9. Course in " Developing business relationships for luxury goods, ceremonial organizations, promotions, and branding. "

10. Course in "Development of statistic principles for media projects and institutions. "

11. Course in " Electronic archiving and documentation systems for media projects and institutions;" the European School of Economics, UK; 61 regular hours and 3 workshops.

12. (Advanced Diploma) in "Documentary visual media messages"; Cinema School – Bollywood – India

13. (Diploma) in" Media institution leadership development"; Studies Center, University of Sheffield.

14. Course in "Electronic archiving policy" – UAE Armed Forces

15. Course in program and news preparation and presentation" - Dubai Information Technology Academy

16. Course in "Photography technologies", Newcastle.

17. Course in "Cinematography technologies" – London Academy, in addition to many specialized media courses related to documentary films technologies .

18. Course in "Web pages directing and media design arts "– New Horizons

• Advanced English courses

• Computer skills

• Specialized management

• Lecturer for specialized media courses at many centers and institutes

• Participated in many workshops held by London Academy of Media Film

• Media Arts Department

• Permanent member in London Library – Photography and documentation Terminology Dept.

• Member of Jordan Academy for Documentary Films, Royal Documentation Center; Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Books & Publications

• Its advertisement it's the right message

• The smart process of brand building

• Mass communication of media effects

• Data analysis of media development supplies

• The golden rate of customer service and public relation

• How to say it is a marketing plan

• The larder of event management

• E-media relationships

• E-branding

• Media man meat culture of power commutation

• Event marketing association build it now

• How to say its marketing plan

Acknowledgment & Recognition :

• Internally , honored by many local and Arab institutions

• UAE Ministry of Interior – Abu Dhabi – honored for participation in organizing the events of the Civil Defense International Day

• Emirates Heritage Club – Many programs and events on heritage subjects

• Dubai Municipality

• Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center

• Dubai Press Club

• Abu Dhabi TV

• Al Khaleej Newspaper

• Arab Media Women Center

• London Liberty –Best Showcase Award

• Milan Book Fair – Di Como –" Distinct Wards Award"

* IDEX 2003 – The Best Image Advertising

* Many other local and international events

Skills: Brochure Design, Concept Design, Graphic Design, PDF, Photoshop Design

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