Simple iPhone / iPad App


Development of a simple app for generating graphics. The app must be cross platform and use html5 & javascript as development platform.

It is a thin client app for displaying pages and sending user requests to the server. Most of the app coding will be to implement a system for constructing and displaying pages that will be used for user input and for showing result. Requests will be processed by the server which will return a json file. This file is then processed by the app to construct the next page to be displayed to the user. So this app can be used for many types of client and server applications.

We will start with an application for making graphics. The user will be able to send some text and multimedia files to the server. The server will process the request, generate graphics and send a result json file back to the client. All the server side work will be done by me.

//Components ////////////////////

//Front page:

- Header label will be read from json file on the server.

- Text Area input where the user can write text. Make possible to control basic text area properties via json file on the server.

- Submit button to send the text my backend system. Button label will be read from json file on the server.

//Result page:

- Read result json from server.

- Display the result image/video, use URL from json data.

- Text line input where the user can write text. Will default to string from json data. Possibility to have more than 1 text inputs.

- Image input, where the user can select an image from the device or via URL.

- Submit button to send input form to a backend system that I will develop. Will get label text and action URL from json data. Possibility to have more submit buttons by reading values from json data.

- Possibility to share and save result image/video.

//Gallery page

- Read json file from server.

- Show gallery of images. Gallery options til be on the json data, such as column size and image urls and click action url.

- When pressing on gallery image will trigger action.

- Display categories on the left side. Read category data such as label and action URL from json data.

//Additional Info ///////////////////

Definition of Action: To call URL and process result json data on a new page. Json data will contain data so the new page can be constructed. Json data will specify which input fields to show and the number of times to show it.

There will be these types of input fields: Text line, Image/Video uploader, Submit Button, Gallery.

Must be possible to control basic page appearance from a CSS file on the server.

Must be possible to purchase (In-App purchase) access to a new gallery. The app system will get all necessary information from json data from server.

This is a very flexible app that can be used as the skeleton for many purposes. I have an idea for a graphic generation app. All the processing and graphics rendering will be done in the server. iPad/iPhone/Android client will construct pages for user input and submit input to server. Server will return json data used to construct the next page. Some pages can only be displayed after making an In-App purchase.

I'm a Java web developer and know HTML5 and javascript. You will be responsible for doing all the client side work (iPad/iPhone/Android) and I will do all the back-end stuff. We will be working Agile in some kind of scrum way. You must be available via Skype during working hours and so will I. You must have good english communication skills.

All the app, system and source code rights will belong to me. You must be able to deliver the project so I can build locally and publish on app store myself.

Skills: Agile Development, Graphic Design, HTML5, iPad, iPhone

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