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Javascript modifications to fullcalendar

Modifications to full calendar ( [url removed, login to view]) via provided git repository

Using latest version provided in git repository and basing work off the [url removed, login to view] and its related linked files, we want to see one commit per item below that solves the requested actions. Commits should be made to a private git repository that build on each other in the following order so that we have very clear, discrete changes associated with each adjustment.

Starting git archive: [url removed, login to view]

You can fork the repo and make your changes locally - repo with your changes should be kept private. Note git archive can be exported locally when done with: git archive HEAD --format=zip > [url removed, login to view]

Alternatively, we can provide access to a hosted private github repository if you provide us your github username.

1) Adjust month view to:

1a) (commit 1) Click anywhere in day area (even when no events) and have it takes you to the AgendaDay view for that day

1b) (commit 2) Adjust events on month view to show as small colored boxes (color of event) but no details of event. If no color set, should default to light grey. There should be a small amount of separation between each event so you can tell it is a separate event. Events should go horizonal and then wrap. Boxes should be exactly same size and approximately X x Y pixels. At no time should the events be allowed to increase the height of the day they are contained in so if there are too many, it should instead show ... after showing however many it can fit before it causes a wrap. (see current day that shows it making it too long and stretching the calendar)

1c) (commit 3). Add a phrase in the bottom center of each day that has 1 or more events that says either 1 event or 5 events with the appropriate number. Be sure this fits without adjusting the height of the day that contains the events and this text. This text should not overlap any of the events and be on its own line.

2a) (commit 4) Add option to process a gcal feed from a saved gcal source file rather than having to fetch from a url (it can either be the raw url or the url after you add the json parameters on to the url request -- just let us know which you use so we can easily recreate).

2b) (commit 5) Show an option that takes the raw gcal feed file, adds it into the html as a separate element, and processes it (without having to do any url fetch).

2c) (commit 6) Show how multiple saved gcal feeds could be utilized e.g. how we can have multiple saved gcal feeds that are processed locally rather than fetched.

3) (commit 7) Adjust agendaWeek and agendaDay to better handle the mintime and maxtime variables. View should have a new section above the mintime showing events BEFORE the mintime and a section after the maxtime showing events AFTER the maxtime. The current version doesn't show those events at all. See the event at 4am on December 25th that shows on the month calendar but does not show on the agendaWeek and agendaDay

4) (commit 8) Add List view that works with the provided code. This is similar to this list view which was based off an old version of the program

4a) One idea: (this would require some clean up to the visual which should be done to make it a cleaner display) List view Demo: [url removed, login to view] List view Git Repo (based off old version of fullcalendar): [url removed, login to view]

4b) Another idea: [url removed, login to view] as referenced here:[url removed, login to view]

5) (commit 9) Remove the drag/drop code to minimize javascript code footprint and speed up processing. Ensure event text won't break the calendar from showing.

Modifications should leverage existing capability and override capability rather than touch the core code whenever possible.

Skills: CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype

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