Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data




We would like to have the following retrieved from a HTML form and saved to an Excel Spreadsheet:

1. Record the "name" attribute (or "id" attribute if name is not given).

2. Record the type of field (input, select, checkbox, textarea, or radio button).

3. Record the "value" attribute if the field type is a checkbox, select or radio button.

4. Record the "option" attribute if the field type is select.

5. Record the question or statement pertaining to the field

Skills Required: Data entry and the ability to read HTML code. Data Mining and Web Scraping may also be of interest.

Project Duration: Ongoing, but as needed

Budget: Open, but reasonable and competitive. Cost per field would be preferred

Attached Files is a Sample:

1. A sample form from which to get the information.

2. A sample Excel Spreadsheet of how the information should be formatted.

Skills: Data Entry, Data Mining, HTML, Web Scraping

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Project ID: #5465929