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Fantasy Illustrations with Animal Heroes

Alternate Animal Kingdom that parallels Our World with struggles of good vs. evil.

I am looking for sepia or grayscale tone, does not need full color on ANY of the illustrations


Good Creatures

1.) Male Prince RABBIT, “Alphao” (stand tall on hind legs, hazel, short feet, slender but strong, ears tied back, smooth fur)

2.) Male CHIPPIE (humanoid chipmunk), “Jix” (grey/white two tone, brown eyes, stand on hind legs, furry tail)

3.) Female CHIPPIE (humanoid chipmunk), “Tamia” (brown/white two tone, blue eyes, stand on hind legs, furry tail)

4.) Male Warrior EAGLE, “Air-X” (keen eyes --deep brown--, talons, huge wingspan, noble)

Evil Beasts

1.) Male Rebel RABBIT, “El’Khan” (stand tall on hind legs, black eyes, short feet, muscular, half lizard-like scales and wiry fur)

2.) Female SPIDER-TROLL, “Queen Netho” (eight legged, size of a pony, multiple eyes, large pinchers, hairy, hybrid large humanoid/spider)


Beam Over The Ravine

This is the description of the scene to illustrate:

“Alphao looked straight down into the canyon they called Borboros Ravine. The large beam of wood was hanging precariously over the edge. He was on the end sticking out over the cliff. He was ‘the balancing sacrifice.’ At the bottom of the ravine was an open pit, a massive volcanic hole that plunged into total darkness. Alphao was calm, but he knew that any effort to loosen the ropes holding him would rock the beam, and he would plummet thousands of feet.”

MAP DESIGN (see attached PDF)

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Skills: Illustration

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