Buy Ad Space - $5k May Budget - Flat Pay + 20% Commission


Get ads placed on 6 websites you think will be profitable.

I will provide a list of websites for you to target.

Future Work Very Possible.

I want to find someone who will do their best to put togeather profitable Ad Campaigns (banner or text) on websites - so on top of the project price there will be a 20% commission.




I own and run a few websites and market them at the moment through Google Adwords and Placing Ads (banner and text ads) on relevant websites.

I'm currently spending about $20k US a month in marketing.

I've got a new website that I'm looking to get promoted through ad placement on sites (text ads/banner ads). NB: This site will be disclosed to those who get shortlisted.

The BIG problem I have is that -

i). I'm based in Australia and the timezone differences mean its very difficult for me to keep in contact with the people in charge of ad placements on various sites.

ii). I really want to focus my time on other things.

So long term, I'm looking for someone to take on this role. So consider this project a interview for future work.

And since I want someone motivated - part of your payment is commission !





NOW to May 16th - I'm take bids and choose a winner

May 17th to 21st - You contacts sites and Negotiate Ad Campaign to run till end of May

This will probably takes a few hours per day.

Your Ad Budget will be: ($5000 - Your Bid Price)

I do not want you to spend more then $1000 per site. Best Case is to spend between $600 to $800 per site for May to test these new ad placements.

You need to:

[1] Find and contact the right people to buy ad space to run for the rest of May.

NB: You may need to contact many sites before being able to find 6 where you can buy ad space that you think will make a profit.

[2] Negotiate purchase of ad space within the allowed budget. This includes:

- Determine best Ad position on the site for the price (e.g. if multiple placed the ad can be placed at different prices on the site)

- Determine best way to setup campaign (i.e. paying CPM, CPC or other)

3) Get new Ads developed if needed (I do have a banner guy I use but you can use anyone as long as they are good quality and are competitive). I will pay for new ad development if it is required.

You need to keep me in the loop with daily reports, and I will need to sign off on each ad campaign before I'll pay for them to start.

NB: At the End Of May I'll decide based on the performance of the campaigns whether you get a similar Project for June.




You will be paid:

- The Bid Price you put forward for this project; and

- 20% of the NETT Profit Made by the Ad Placement (As Of 1st June)

NETT Profit = Revenue - Cost of Ad Space - Your Bid Price - Misc Expenses

Misc Expense are any costs I pay (e.g. devleopment of more banners)




[1] I will provide a list of sites you should target and information on these sites including the number of Unique Visitors from the targetted countries visiting each site per month.

[2] A briefing on what worked and what didn't - and the statistics - for a similar website I've already been promoting for months.

[3] The three 468x60 banner that have been developed

[4] My help via email, skype or phone




You must include in your bid

1). Any relevant prior experience.

You must also answer the following questions -

2). What is the difference between CPM and CPC.

3). Where on a normal web page would you place a banner ad to

- Get maximum exposure (the most people to click),

- Least Exposure (fewest clicks)

4). What are the different contact details you'd use to contact "[url removed, login to view]" to buy banner space - (phone number will give you extra points since I can't find one myself!)

5). Decribe the process you would you use to determine whether an ad campaign may be profitable enough to be worth trying.

I look forward to working with you

Skills: Advertising, Bulk Marketing, Dating, Internet Marketing, Marketing

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