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  • nhakhand Profile Picture


    Naryangonj,  Bangladesh

    What describes me and my work? Fast, accurate, detail-oriented and reliable. With an experience of 7 years as an Administrative Assistant at a research oriented institution I have done anything from WORD processing, DATA entrying and extensive WEB searching. To Be Able To Showcase My Skills On:- '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Data Entry / Data Mining * Data Scrubbing (Cleaning) * Email Sending. * Research * Word Processing * Document Conversion * Document Formatting * Email Gathering. * Mailing List Development * Email Marketing * Domain Information Collecting. * Finding Address/Phone Number/Fax/Email/Zip Code Of Any Business And Personals. * Link Removal * Craigslist Search. * eCommerce data entry (product name,product image,price,product code,description, etc) * Word Press Entry * Word Press Posting * Word Press Data * Facebook / Twitter Scheduling and Posting. * Link Building * Real Estate Data Entry My Data Collection & Research Tools:- ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (✔) www.linkedin.com (✔) www.data.com (✔) www.lead411.com (✔) www.rapportive.com (✔) www.yelp.com (✔) www.manta.com (✔) www.bbb.org (✔) www.who.is (✔)www.maps.google.com (✔) www.yellowpages.com (✔) www.connectifier.com (✔) www.whitepages.com (✔) www.zoominfo.com (✔) www.wikipedia.org (✔) www.local.com (✔) www.local.yahoo.com(✔) www.orkut.com (✔) www.flickr.com (✔) www.mylife.com (✔) www.loopnet.com (✔) www.prospectnow.com (✔) www.weheartit.com (✔) www.digitalmapcentral.com (✔) http://us.viadeo.com/en/ (✔)http://www.bizapedia.com (✔)www.peoplesmart.com (✔)www.Intelius.com (✔)www.spokeo.com (✔)www.titleprofile.com(✔)www.accurint.com (✔)www.propertyshark.com (✔)www.dexknows.com (✔)www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com (✔)www.nexis.com + more My Data Managing Tools:- ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' => MS-Excel => Google Spreadseet => Google Document => Google Docs => MS-Word => Opendrive => Dropbox => PDF => Text Document Discussion For Work:- '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' => Skype => G-talk => Yahoo Messenger => Facebook => Nimbuzz

    Internet Marketing, Data Processing, Data Entry, and Research

  • ANGELdrop Profile Picture


    Narayangonj,  Bangladesh

    CRAIGSLIST POSTING SERVICE Are you tired of competitors flagging your ads and getting them ghosted? Need your ads to stick longer? Worry no more, because we are here to solve your problems and cater to all your craigslist ad posting needs. We offer: FREE trial in 10 minutes!! FREE image ads according to your demands!! Unlimited number of ads per day!! Amazing discounts for posting upto 50ads/day!! No set up fee required!! Daily reports!! 24 hours online support!! All this and more at a very cheap rate!! Contact details: Call us(Office): (718)395-3599 (9am-5pm EST) Chat with us: (9am-5pm) Skype ID: claps.us Or email us: sales[at]claps[dot]us Or visit www[dot]claps[dot]us for details.

    PHP, Adobe Flash, Website Design, and Internet Marketing

  • DonVon77 Profile Picture
  • paramjitsngh3 Profile Picture


    MOHALI(PUNJAB),  India

    Working experience: 6 months in Zimin Soft Tech as Computer and Data Entry Operator, SMO/SMM 4 months in The Net Icon as Trainer and SEO Executive 4 months in Sebiz Square as industrial training of Search Engine Marketing 2.5 years in I-WEB India as Team Leader (1 March, 2009 still there)

    Internet Marketing, SEO, Data Entry, and Link Building

  • getpass Profile Picture


    UTTARA,  Bangladesh

    Our team work with the sole objective of helping your business and your profits grow. For us, the satisfaction of our clients is the most valuable thing. We focus more than anything else fulfilling all our clients’ requirements. And that’s not what we say. It is what our clients’ feedbacks say. We are generally online for around 16-18 hrs a day, at Skype-Yahoo-Gtalk-MSN-Aim-Gmx,Our 24x7 Days support Online is also available you can call any time...:) ('.') Craiglist Posting/Classified Posting. ('.') Website Development & Solution ('.') International Marketing Solution ('.') Online Radio Hosting,Remote Support Offical web :https://clpostingservice.net **You are only charged for live posts, we don't charge for ghosted posts. Any ghosted ad is reposted, free of charge! You ARE responsible for posts that are flagged however, as we cannot control 3rd parties or competitors flagging down your ad**

    PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, and Internet Marketing

  • allenpaul26 Profile Picture


    Chennai,  India

    Editing Website Content And Continue To Update The Website Content, Redesign Images, Tables or Content where Necessary, HTML, CSS, PHOTOSHOP, AI, Corel Draw, Ad Poster and PDF editor.

    PHP, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, and Data Processing

  • cladplacer Profile Picture


    Chennai,  India

    PHP, Java, Javascript, and .NET

  • boziegirl12345 Profile Picture


    whitmore lake,  United States

    Hello, If you are looking for a great company to deal with. Please consider us for your job. We have been in Marketing for 25 years and we know exactly what you want. Thanks and have a great day. Dave

    Internet Marketing, Telemarketing, Sales, and Google Adwords