Digital B2B Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Targetting and/or Lead Generation experience is essential for this role.

Please do not apply if you do not have this experience.

About the project


This is a project we've recently relaunched with a new brand and strategy, which puts businesses, both big and small, new or existing, one man bands or large multinationals (But only UK based) Who are looking for a website to be developed in contact with web development firms who can undertake their project. We are working with some humungous names in the digital marketing industry - very well known brands and companies who are second to none. Although we are a lot smaller in size, we like to align our company values with those of our partners.

Introduction to the Job


This is a freelance position, for someone who can work in their own time at their own pace, but produce excellent results. In return, we pay highly and look after all members of our team.

We require someone with excellent initiative, common sense and web targeting knowledge (ideally B2B, but anyone with excellent initiative) to step in as a home based freelancer and generate targetted traffic (people / businesses who are looking to get a website) to our website and fill in the Free, No Obligation Quotation Request Form. This traffic may come from maybe from business forums, entrepreneur sites, canvassing businesses etc etc or through affiliate marketing - however you wish to do it, as long as it respects the honest & ethical way we are proud of doing business, we're happy. We will even support (and fund) any more innovative ideas you have. There is no sales involved in the role, as we are not selling anything. We simply require businesses to complete the form for free.

We pay for each person who comes onto the website and completes the short Free, No Obligation Quotation Request Form (on the home page), and meets the criteria below. However, in the hope that this may interest you, we are paying extremely well.

For anyone who states their web budget is:

Anything under £1000, we will pay you £3

Between £1000 - £3000, we will pay you £5

Between £3000 - £5000, we will pay you £7

Anything over £5000, we will pay you £10

Criteria for a payable request.


Each requester must complete all fields

Must have a valid phone number & email address

Each request must be manually verified by a member of our team - We will verify each requester as part of our business promise to our partners, via a single, quick and friendly phone call to confirm basic requirement details and to confirm that the requester is, in fact, in the market for a website and wanting to recieve quotes.



Our business hours finish at [url removed, login to view] each day. At this point, we count up all responses that have been collected via your work and of those, how many we have managed to validated as well.

We pay at the end of each day for the number of request that we have managed to validate that day. Those that are not yet validated (i.e. we haven't managed to get in contact with the requester to confirm details, or the request came in late in the day) will roll over to the next day for up to 14 days, Once we finally manage to get in contact with the requester to validate the response, this will be added to your days payment on the day of validation.

An example, to clarify. If on any given day, we recieve 50 requesters via your efforts, and on the same day we manage to validate 20, then at the end of that day, you will recieve payment for those 20 (based on the payscale above). The remaining thirty, we will try again to validate the next day, along with any more requesters we recieve via your efforts the following day. We will continue to do this for upto 14 days until the request time lapses.

It is highly likely, in our experience, that sometimes an old forum post you might have placed, results in a request, weeks (or even months) after you placed the advert. If this is the case, you will still be paid for these requests.

Logging of your requests


We will reproduce our business website as a subdomain (e.g. [url removed, login to view]) and manage this on your behalf. You will have full ownership on the marketing of this subdomain. Any leads that come in via this subdomain will automatically be attributed to you. You will also have a say over the content of the website and its layout.

Fundamentally, we are looking for a freelancer who can run this as their own business either full or part time, it doesn't matter as long as your awesome at what you do.

Each day, our database will tallies up:

1) the number of requests recieved per subdomain for that day

2) the number of requests which did not validate or have passed the 14 day lapse period

3) the number of requests which a member of staff has managed to qualify for that day

3) the total number of recieved requests still waiting to be validated.

In order for you to also keep track of figures and verify that we are paying you correctly (not that we wouldn't, but it's always wise to check) we will add you to the list of folk who receive this report each day.

Some innovative ideas of how our freelancers have previously got requesters


Just for further interested reading, In the past, as part of other similar activities our business has been involved in, some of our freelancers:

1) Partnered with various websites where people / businesses who are looking for websites are likely to go. Some even offered a profit share - but this is entirely your choice.

2) Used forums on websites where people / businesses who are looking for websites are likely to go

3) Canvassed at businesses in their neighbourhood - some even made paper copies of the forms when going out speaking to local businesses and later coming home and filling in the details themselves online (Note, if you do this, then it is essential you let us know on the online form which requests have been taken in person)

4) Placed free and paid adverts in newspapers, magazines etc redirecting people to their subdomain

5) Gone out looking for cruddy / crap websites and contacting the website owner offering free expert advice and quotes on improving their website if they would like to have the site redesign - redirecting them to the site.

6)Employed friends and family members to do the same, and pay them a profit share from their earnings - but again, this is entirely your choice.

7)Telecanvassing - simply picking up the phone and speaking to businesses to redirect them to the website!

Other benefits


Although this is a freelance position, we want to do all we can to support you.

Each month, we pay a 10% bonus on all the payment you have received that month. After 6 months, this becomes a 20% bonus each month

We will manage the website & subdomain on your behalf so you don't have to

You will receive a business email address

You can choose your subdomain e.g. [url removed, login to view]

If you are earning in excess of £100 per day (which is very much possible), then we will guide you in registering your own Ltd business (which we recommend, but you don't have to)

Support, ideas and referrals from us, to you

We are proud of our team, be they freelancers or not. We'd like to get your photo and a bit about you under the 'our team' part of the website, (but you don't have to).

If this is of interest to you, or you have any questions, please feel free to ask

Many Thanks

Skills: Advertising, Bulk Marketing, Internet Marketing, Leads, Marketing

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