Marketing and Advertising of Nature Sound and Relaxation albums

I produce nature sound and relaxation albums (bird songs, ocean waves, wind chimes, etc.) and I have my products on a large number of platforms, including iTunes (both as an app and MP3 Albums), Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp and my own website.

I am making profit as it is, however, I want to increase my income and need help with marketing, advertising and the development of a business plan (i.e. where else and to which height can I take my business and how do I do this?).

Take a look at my products on the various platforms (list attached), LISTEN TO THE SAMPLES to get a REAL IDEA OF THE PRODUCT and make a suggestion of a concise plan of how you will help me take my business to the next level.

I will only work with native English speakers who have 5+ years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry and have a demonstrable track record of successful marketing and advertising campaigns that return the investment (supply evidence). Preferably you will have experience and an interest in the wellness and relaxation industry.

The tasks are

1 - Develop a timeline for:

2 - Find the markets and define the audiences for nature sounds and relaxation albums.

3a - While looking at new markets/audiences I want you to give me an assessment of how 'good' current markets/audiences are for my products (see attached document for current audiences/markets) and suggest other markets/audiences.

3a - Devise a strategy on how to target the markets/audiences - new and existing.

4 - Develop a marketing and advertisement plan on how to reach the identified audiences (note that if you think that other audiences are more suitable/profitable, we can focus on these instead of the audiences outlined in the attached document).

5 - Develop ads together with me and teach me how to use the relevant tools (e.g. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads) and develop the ads based on keywords, etc. This is a VERY IMPORTANT PART as I want to learn the process of marketing and advertising so I can use it for other products that I have. Saying that, if our partnership turns out well, I am very interested to let you continue doing the marketing for this and my other products. So I am interested in a long term partnership and am open to you having a share in the company.

Set your price as you think is fair, as you will only get paid if/when we have earned the money that you set as your remuneration. For this, please suggest measures so that we can see how much profit the marketing and ads have made (separate from the income that I currently make through my own efforts). If a campaign is successful you will get a bonus of 50% of all income that is generated in the 2 weeks after a campaign has been completed (this is on top of the bid that you set).

If you have the experience and are confident that you can do this then I look forward to your proposal. As you will have gathered from this job posting, I am not interested in people who promise heaven on earth without delivering. Instead, I am looking for somebody who knows what they are doing. To make it perfectly clear - I am interested in sales. Not clicks, not impressions, not fans, not excuses. Sales!

If you are successful in achieving this, then I am more than willing to share the profit. I have the product and you know how to sell it. If things go well I would like you to take over the marketing and advertising side of my business so that I can concentrate on creating the content. So tell me what you can do, how you will do it and how you want to be involved/compensated.

Please see the attached document for further information on current markets/audiences, timeline, quality of project and remuneration.

If you have any questions or require clarification, please feel free to get in touch with me.

I look forward to your proposal,

Dr. Eric Fassbender

Skills: Advertising, Internet Marketing, Marketing

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