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I'm trying to get people to sign up for this membership. Its for stay at home moms or dads that want to make income at home. Below is what explains the whole thing and below it is a link to a video that people watch. I need this advertised to people and before i can pay someone for the project i need to at least have 3 people signed up for this.

I'm here to introduce a work at home job that lets you keep 100% of the commission. How many jobs do you know that offer that!

1. Why does it cost money to sign up? Because it's a business, not a job. Businesses cost money.

2. Are you trying to make money off me? No, I'm trying to make money WITH you.

3. Is it a scam? I don't do scams and I love that you think so highly of me to even ask such a question.

4. Is it one of those pyramid schemes? You mean where all the people at the top make all the money, take the long vacations, fly on leer jets, and get all the stock options while the people on the bottom work the most for the least amount of money and get 2 weeks of vacation a year? No, that would be corporate America.

5. How long before I get results? How long before you get your butt in gear? I made $1000 my first week and it is growing day by day.

6. I've tried it before, but I failed. Did you quit dating after the first time you had a bad date? Or did you keep dating until you found the right person.

7. My uncle Bob said this won't work. Your uncle Bob is also broke.

8. Can I try it for a month and see how I do? This is a business, not a job. Get a job if that's your mentality.

Take a moment to watch this video and I mean this will work for you. Most people don't take the time to write all this up so this should tell you on how serious i am about it.

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