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Job Details\r\n\r\nPayment will be $4US per hour.\r\nYou will be in contact with affiliate managers for 20 minutes 2-3 times per week on chat with [url removed, login to view], these affiliate manager\'s work only Monday - Friday USA hours. \r\nYou will track the amount of hours you work using [url removed, login to view] (Your account with time doctor will be paid by our company) you will be paid weekly via PayPal based on the amount of time recorded/tracked in Time Doctor. You will see daily and weekly reports from Time doctor emailed to you weekly.\r\nIf you wish to be paid thru [url removed, login to view] payment system instead of Paypal that is your choice, however the 10% Odesk service fee will be deducted from your weekly payments.\r\n\r\nAll passwords and logins will be provided when hired.\r\n\r\nYou will be tested before being hired using [url removed, login to view] to be sure you know the steps to do the work in the videos below. Please download and install team viewer from the website above. You must have a good internet connection for this job. [url removed, login to view]\r\n\r\nThings you will need to do before starting work.\r\n1. You will need to create your own free Gmail account.\r\n2. You will need to install the \"Hide My Ass\" Proxy software.\r\n3. You will need Microsoft excel installed.\r\n4. Install Alexa sparky extension for Firefox. \r\n\r\n\r\nThe steps to learn and study to do the work correctly\r\n\r\nStep 1 offer selection Process:\r\n1- W4 offer selection: [url removed, login to view]\r\n2- Explaining the type of traffic allowed for the offer: [url removed, login to view]\r\n2A- Always confirm with the affiliate manager the offer allows PPV traffic, this is very important. [url removed, login to view]\r\n3- Grabbing affiliate links and placing pixels: (Very IMPORTANT... Always make sure you test the affiliate link using a proxy from the appropriate country to make sure it is working and directs you to the offer website) [url removed, login to view]\r\n4- Requesting offer approval from affiliate manager and using proxies to view offers for different countries (You can also paste the affiliate link into your browser to view the offer) [url removed, login to view]\r\n5- Contacting the affiliate manager for offer approvals: [url removed, login to view]\r\nStep 2 CPVLAB Campaign Creation:\r\n1-CPVLAB Campaign setup: [url removed, login to view]\r\n2- (I forgot to mention in the video above to select the correct CPA network the offer is from) Select the correct CPA Network in CPVLAB [url removed, login to view]\r\nStep 3 Campaign URL research:\r\n1-Google keyword planner [url removed, login to view]\r\n[url removed, login to view]\r\n2- [url removed, login to view] URL research [url removed, login to view]\r\n3- [url removed, login to view] URL research part 2 [url removed, login to view]\r\n4- [url removed, login to view] URL research part 3 [url removed, login to view]\r\n5- [url removed, login to view] URL research part 4 (For a part-time worker I would like to see 21 campaigns per week) (Full time worker 42 campaigns per week) [url removed, login to view]\r\n\r\nStep 4 Building the campaign in lead impact:\r\n1-Entering campaign information into lead impact part 1 [url removed, login to view]\r\n2-Entering campaign information into lead impact part 2 (at 0:34 VERY IMPORTANT always make sure \"keyword pass through\" is enabled also at 3:55 in the video I made a mistake and said \"manual\" it should be \"auto\") [url removed, login to view]

Skills: Internet Marketing

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