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You are to write a Java applet to implement a board game played on a rectangular grid of cells. Each cell may be “empty”, meaning a JPanel with black border but nothing displayed. When the program starts the user is prompted with via a dialog box three integers: number of rows and, number of columns for the board, and a positive integer indicating how many cells will be initially marked with a circle inside. (See the figure below on the left for a 4 rows by 5 columns board with three cells marked at randomly selected locations.)

The purpose of the game is for a user to select cells and mark off the circles using fewest moves. A user may click on any cell (empty or otherwise) which will replace all cells in the same column or row as the clicked cell, to change from an ‘O' to an “X” (see figure above on the right).

Part of the code(~30%) is given.

Please see the attachment.

Skills: Anything Goes, Java

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