JSP/Portal Developer for advertising system

Seeking java developers familiar with JSR 168 Portlets, XML, SOAP, Tomcat, JBoss, Enterprise Beans, Eclipse IDE, jUnit, Hibernate, Database (SQL) to build an online advertising system.

Application will be designed to operate within a JSR 168 Portlet Container of which we will utilize [url removed, login to view] (eXo).

Core features of the application

© Single Signon © One username for publishers, advertisers, CRM and helpdesk.

© Advertising System © Create, Edit & Manage Text & Banner ads based on Pay-Per-Click and CPM advertising rates © support Keyword, Zone and Geo-Targeting ads

© Publisher System © allow webmasters to integrate ad text into there site and earn % commission of all clicks or CPM rates. Simple wizards to create javascript code that can be copied to publishers site to invoke targeted ads.

© Basic CRM System © allow integration of support requests, helpdesk functionality and billing system.

Developers must be familiar with Portal design, j2ee enterprise patterns as well as understanding of such networks such as Google Adwords, Overture, SearchFeed and Enhance.

Advertising System:

1. Ability to allow advertisers to create an ad of the standard formats (468x60, tower, skyscraper, box, text links, xml feeds and Banner ads (graphical) with a simple wizard interface. Integrate with the eXo workflow platform so editorial review can be done on ads prior to being ©live© on the network. Workflow would notify system editors of pending ads and once approved alunch them

Process: Advertiser logs in -> New ad wizard -> Creates ad -> Previews ad -> Saves -> Workflow sent to Editors -> Editors approve/decline -> Ad goes live or is resent back to advertiser with a ©pending editorial review© with comments describing the hold.

2. Keyword research © utilizing the keyword history of the invocation of the text ads, allow advertisers to generate average cost per clicks, estimated clicks and research keywords

3. Ad history © show dashboard of ads, clicks, impressions and costs

4. Import/Export of ads via Excel Spreadsheet

5. Basic ROI tracking to show average cost per action

6. Submit payments online via PayPal IPN gateway interface as well as use [url removed, login to view] online gateway to process credit cards. Payment processing would be implemented as ©pre-pay© in that they select X amount of funding to deposit and ads will run as long as the deposit is above ©0.00© © added features could be auto-refill

7. Setup system notifications of daily reports, low balance alerts and system notifications.

8. allow advertiser to set daily limits for campaigns © such as max spending or budget ranges for ©auto bidding© such as the ability to set min-max willing to spend for keywords and have the system autobudget the keywords within those ranges to have highest rank.

Publisher Interface:

1. Create ad wizard © allows a publisher to choose an ad format and to either create the ad based upon a zone (such as ©sports©) a keyword list (football, eagles, nfl, superbowl) or use our ©Ad sensing© spider that will visit the site and determine keywords from indexing the pages. The output would be a javascript invocation code that would invoke the corresponding targeted ads and be added to the publishers website.

2. View stats

3. View payment history

For publishers, each domain they use would have to be approved and would get there own ©zone© © each ©zone© would be tracked as an individual unit using its own unique ad code (optional) or all domains could use the same. The idea being a publisher can track the income of each website or as a single source of income.

Editorial Interface/Support Interface/Admin Interface

Support staff would use this page to

1. Approve Publishers to our network (based on policies)

2. Approve Advertiser Ads (editorials)

3. Basic CRM/Helpdesk trouble ticket system to manage help

4. View system stats, user stats and setup a reporting system

Backend ©advertising© features necessary:

1. GeoIP Integration © only show ads in approved countries

2. Fraud Prevention © Random ©human check© © present a verification screen that uses images to present something that can audit clicks to prevent automated ©hacks© (such as a human readable image that verifies the click to proceed to site. Fraud prevention would also include tracking the users IP address, Browser Identification string, Proxy Check and Referr Address and save this info for live & post processing & auditing.

3. High performance ad serving © ability to dish out millions of ads per hour and scale. Multiple instances if necessary. (load balanced)

4. Ability to calculate ad serving so that there is some uniqueness and randomness so the users seeing ads will not see the same ads over and over. Ability to manage this calculation as an algorithm that can easily be optimized and managed to tweak ROI.

Implementation Approach

© Implement eXo Platform

© Design Core interface points © such as the main tabs of ©advertiser© ©publisher© ©settings© and an ©administrative© section.

© Setup common gui ©look and feel© that will be consistent across all interfaces and used as the design for portlets.

© Implement Core advertiser portlets

© Implement Core publisher portlets

© Phase in added features

© ©©©..

Please only bid if you have experience with Pay Per Click and CPM advertising systems to understand the terminology and to implement the features that are standard.

This phase of the project will be to migrate from our leased application to our custom application. We will work with you to build the database backend as well as to work on the ©ad sensing© aspects of determining keywords form webpages automatically as we have our own search engine technology that we will be using with this system.

We expect jUnit tests and checks for all major aspects of the system to verify runtime as well as for regression testing. Application will be deployed on either resin 3.0.X or Jboss/tomcat application servers.

We currently utilize the Eclipse IDE environment and would seek individuals familiar with eclipse.

Expectations are the environment would be managed within a CVS system, tracked with a change log, fully documented through UML diagrams and built using ANT and the eclipse toolsets. Application will be fully owned by us and developers would be expected to include support/warranty information as part of there bid.

Example screenshots, diagrams and some basic modeling and workflows for processes and concepts will be provided. The idea would be to have someone bid on a weekly basis (paid every week) and to work on phasing in the application on core elements and functionality. A development and Production environment will be provided.

Please *ONLY* Bid your COMPLETE project rate OR your Weekly rate with an estimation on the amount of weeks it will take.

Skills: Java, JSP, XML

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