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Remote monitoring device with an integrated personal tracking system Who is the concept aimed at This product is aimed at people with severe heart conditions. People who are concerned that their condition could deteriorate or anything could happen at anytime due to their condition. It is aimed at people of all ages. It is a life saving device and it is aimed at saving lives when someone is in a critical condition. It is an innovative product that will help when in need. In a way this product is there to help conquer this fear of dying that you could carry with you if suffering from a heart condition. You know help is at hand. The product The customer / patient will wear a wristband ? this wristband monitors the heart rate, pulses and blood pressure. It will be tailor made to the patient. It will monitor the patient 24/7 running on kinetic energy. As the wristband sits on the wrist ? kinetic energy is generated and the wristband works. Every person reacts differently in each given situation. Each patient will be monitored over a period of time. They will be monitored in each situation / occurrence and the effect it has on their heart condition / heart rate & BP. For example if the patient suffers a hot flush, what kind of reaction do they have, what is the effect on their heart rate, and BP, what is the effect if over a period of time too much salt was consumed, how would that effect the heart? So basically it maps out a graph of the patients activity in any given reaction / situation. With this it will become obvious, what is normal rates and what isn't, so you know when a certain heart rate is something to worry about. The wristband is so intelligently programmed with this information it will be able to draw a line between critical and not critical. In so many instances during the day a patients BP and heart rate can be affected. But this can be completely normal, but the wristband will draw a borderline to that and will alert when it reaches a critical stage. What it does The wristband sends a signal to a receiving device, in this case a mobile phone. Special software is set up on the phone. This will be interfaced directly with the wristband. The wristband will transmit via Bluetooth the patient's vital information on heart rates and BP. This information will only be transmitted when the patient has reached a critical condition. There will be an n encrypted connection between the two devices, this will make a secure connection and no third party device will interfere or divert the signal from the wristband to the phone. Once the signal is received on the phone it will communicate with the GPS software on the phone and ascertains the longitude and latitude co-ordinates giving the exact location of the patient. The software programme on the mobile phone will compile together a small report giving the vital information on the patient's condition, and their exact location. Its will be all wrapped up together and sent alongside an automated message, and sent as an SMS to a receiving device. Delivery of the project A virtual simulation / representation of the wristband will be done on computer. A simulated signal will be sent t the phone. The software will this receive this signal and will then communicate with GPS software to ascertain the exact location. Then all this information will be displayed on the phones screen. The future This is something BUPA, BMI, AXA PPP Health Care and other health insurance providers could use. They could open an A & E centre directly linked to the phones of people who have medical insurance with them. People will know they are in safe hands and more people will take out insurance with these health insurance companies. These insurance companies will be giving the first hand attention medically to patients insured with them and as people know that they will be attended to when needed, more will join. OK ANOTHER WAY OF PUTTING IT! THIS PRODUCT IS AMIED AT ANYONE THAT DOESN'T WANT TO DIE. Where it monitors a remote pulse sensor fitted inside the users watch-strap. When the sensor detects heart failure or any life-threatening irregularity it will automatically text the nearest medical facilities requesting assistance and giving location and other vital details. It can be used to monitor patients, allowing them and their carers more freedom, security and flexibility. It also serves as a personal ECG machine, keeping a full record of all heart irregularities. How to make a fast aid device? Take one GPS equipped cell phone and one pocket ECG. Stick them together.

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