Dynamic slideshow application



I need a simple fullscreen slideshow application, something like standard android gallery, but with some modifications. It supports manual sliding, automatic picture changing, background music and options menu.


Eclipse only.


Detailed description and requrements:

1. App runs in fullscreen horizontal slideshow mode. N-seconds delay, then standard fadeout animation and next picture goes on. On simple click next picture plays and so on.

2. On Slide. User can manually slide pictures in both sides just like in standard android gallery. When user slides picture in reverse direction slideshow stops for 2xN seconds and then continues auto slideshowing in left-to-right direction.

3. Manual sliding and automatic slideshow are in cycle, so user can infinitely view and slide pictures. Its endless.

4. Dynamic pictures loadout. App should be able to slide any amount of pictures from 10-100 or even more. So, to avoid “out of memory” exceptions not all pictures should be loaded at start up, only 2-3 in both sides. Do this as you wish but I’ll test it on hundred 1920x1080 pictures and it should work.

All pictures are in res\drawable-* folders.

5. Music. Application should start playing soundtracks from res\raw folder once started if not muted. If there are more then one file in res\raw folder it cycles them all. All soundtracks are in mp3 format.

6. Only horizontal orientation. Only fullscreen mode. No title.

7. Application should support multiple resolutions and load pictures from different res\drawable-* folders.

8. AdMob banner aligned to left bottom.

9. Options menu functionality:

When menu is popped slideshow is paused. On menu close in continues.

Menu is in one row. Icon + text. Use standard pictures for icons. If not i will provide them in png files.

Menu items:

9.1. Save as wallpaper. Set current picture as a wallpaper.

9.2. Save as file. Saves current picture to SD card. Toasts saved filename.

9.3. Sound on\off. (May be only icon) By default sound is always on. But if user turns it off all next app run should be in silent mode until user manually turns it on again.

9.4. Pause/Run. (May be only icon) This button pauses and resumes slideshow.

9.5. Exit

If no space for whole munu some buttons may be show only as icons.

10. Additional features.

After Z-number of app loads before app exit show a screen with a request to rate this app.

I don’t know how exactly to do this – via standard google market form or custom form with stars or comments.

11. If app takes more then 2-3 seconds for first load it should show an animated loading icon while loading.

12. Minimum requirements: Android 2.2. Resolution: 240x320. Target resolution: 1280x800. Means that maximum picture size would be in than resolution.

13. Application should run smoothly, without delays and twitches.

14. Application should run without bugs and mostly on all devices without errors.

15. Source code should be standardized, clear, clean and readable.

For test app I will give you 100 pictures in different resolutions in jpg format, 5 soundtracks in mp3.

I will recompile it in eclipse at the end so i source code is required.

Pictures resolutions:1280x800; 800x480; 480x320; 320x240; (any suggestions? I manually will resize them form 1920x1080 format. Assume it will be HD movie screenshots.)


All additional info and contacts in s k y p e.

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Skills: Android, Java, Mobile Phone

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