Mobile App Game - Be the Street! (REVISED CONCEPT)


A brief description can be found below, and a detailed description (and interactive prototype mockup) can be found in the attached draft concept document. We will only consider serious bidders who can demonstrate work that relates directly to components found in the Be The Street app concept by showing a few specific examples, and describing how they relate. We are not interested in any bidders who send generic messages with large portfolio lists. If this criteria is met, and your reputation is good, I will be happy to follow up with you via phone or Skype. We are interested in developing versions on both iPhone iOS 7 as well as Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Before selecting a developer, we will provide more direction on the design and user experience we have in mind. I am interested to know what your development methodology is, and how you would plan on keeping us up to date with development progress and involved in testing.

This new mobile application is meant to engage a very specific target audience: 14-24 year olds living in the Bay Area of California. It will provide a seamless user experience that is simple to interface with, and fully branded with Be the Street personality (note: the prototype mock-up aims to show examples of the functionality of various components; it does not currently include that layer of branding or a perfected user interface). Through the game, which can be played anywhere at any time, our audience is given a way to have fun, invite groups of friends, compete against similar groups, and have meaningful experiences at fun events and challenges. First virtually, and then in reality, the game builds awareness and a sense of stewardship in our target audience by getting players to engage with litter/pollution-related items and locations found directly on the streets of their own neighborhoods.

Players use Google Street View to hunt for target items that are related to pollution/litter (e.g. storm drains, trash cans, recycle bins, etc.). When items are found, players submit screenshots, which earns them points and allows them to collect more target items to find. They eventually unlock “LIVE mode” which lets them search for the target items in the real world and submit photos using their built-in smartphone cameras. Players also rate the screenshot/photo submissions of other players to verify that they contain the correct target items. Players can create or join groups (teams) which compete against other similar groups. Groups are based on real world groups/organizations/activities affiliated with high schools, universities, or outside of school. Within the app there is a message feed, where players receive invitations to challenges or events hosted by BeTheStreet.

Skills: Android, iPhone, Java, Mobile Phone, Objective C

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Project ID: #4927223