Java Menu App


Initial project is a basic layout and functionality project.

I require the following in Java and Netbeans 7.3.1.

Create 2 databases.

Database 1 contains user settings ( called userDB ), and contains main table with fields for UserVar ( integer ) and UserVAL ( string ). This database will be specific to the individual user.

Database 2 will be used for data ( called dataDB ) that is common for all users of the application.

A master application screen. Left vertical panel ( the Main Menu ), default 15% of screen width, resizable. Store the width ( in pixels ) in the userDB, UserVar = 1, UserVal = width. If the entry exists, use this value when the app is loaded.

Horizontal toolbar across the top of the app window.

The Main Menu is to contain a small logo, resized to fit from a jpg image. Can the image be stored in the dataDB ? Otherwise a seperate jpg file. Initial source file / image will be 600 x 65 px.

List of items that appear on the Main Menu will be from a table in dataDB. The table will contain a 'menu item ID', 'menu text' and 'action'. Total of maximum 25 items.

I would like some visible highlighting of the menu items as the mouse moves over each item.

Clicking on a menu item will execute the 'action'.

'Action' will, for the initial application, be the opening of a window inside the application window ( so a child form ? ).

Make the title of the child form the same as the menu text.

Add buttons to the toolbar to Exit / Quit, Cascade child Windows, Tile child Windows, Close all child windows.

'action01' ( first item on Main Menu ) will be a form with a list box or list grid. Populate the list from data stored in a table in the dataDB. Table will contain 4 or 5 fields. Data can be 2000+ items, so allow for vertical scroll bars. Sample data will be supplied in csv format. Display the data from the table in the list, and allow the user to sort on a column by clicking on the column heading.

Make child form resizable and repositionable, minimize ( to the bottom of the parent window ) and maximize. Store the size and position in userDB ( size-X = UserVar #2, size-Y = UserVar #3, etc ). Use the stored size next time the app is loaded.

Supply a list of the UserVar and what each is used for.

Supply the complete project, including databases, for testing.

The code must compile and execute on the following OSs with a standard Java installation :

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Mac OSx


Skills: Java, Software Architecture

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