Java project using ICEfaces



I have a fully-developed plan for this project. I am not posting it yet, however, because I have found absolutely no indication that there are any freelancers here with JSF/ICEfaces skills. I believe this is a fault of the search mechanism on this site, so I am posting this now to test the water to make sure qualified workers exist.

Essentially, the project is a simple data management application. The database (for which I will provide schemas and sample data) has a master_table and a client_table. The client_table contains two versions of each record in the master_table. All of this work is already done. The GUI needs to dynamically display one of the client_table records, depending on the type of user who logs on. There is additional logic that involves a parent:child relationship - the relationships already exist, the UI does not. Other features include the ability to manually enter data, edit records, etc.

As noted, detailed requirements exist and I will post them after determining if this site is a viable path.

Thanks you.

Relevant technologies:

Java EE 1.6

JSF 1.2 & ICEfaces Enterprise Edition 1.8.2

Relational DB (e.g., Oracle)

Skills: Java, User Interface / IA

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