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I need a simple plugin that produces a shortcode with two qulifiers: field or grid... list of a single field or a grid of a list of field with a where conditions to limit the records displays. The shortcode will directly interact with the current logged in user. Here is what the shortcodes would do: Settings in Admin panel: Database: localhost or database DSN info Font stye and size Global Variables inside of the shortcode: current_logged_in_user_id Short codes: 1. Single column field display for table or where condition Example: [jltShortCode table="<tablename>",field="<field list>" where="<condition>" <tablename>= any table in the wp table or table defined in settings <field list>= one or more fields in the <tablename> <condition>= no Where = all records or any acceptable condition use of current_logged_in_user_id in where condition 2. Table field grid display for table or where condition -- Example: [jltcode table="<tablename>" grid="<field list>" <options> where ="<condition>" (same as above) Options: (default for all numbers is right align and decimal) (1) sum="<field list>" returns the sums of the <field list> in the grid displayed as an extra line under the approprihate column (2) numbercode="<fieldname>,<code>,<align>" <fieldname> field in table <code> integer, decimal, us_currency <align> right, left or center (3) width="<integer list>" corresponds to the width of each field in grid <field list> (4) box="<integer>" 1=grid lines around values / 0 (default)= no lines (5) column="column title list> a list that replaces the default field name in the grid Example: [jltcode table="<tablename>" grid="<field list>" width="<5,10,20,10>" sum="<field list>" numbercode="<fieldname>,<code>,<align>" where ="<condition>"] [jltcode table="testtable" grid="id,field2, field3, field4" width="5,10,20,10) sum="field2, field4" numbercode="field4, us_currency,right" where="id=current_logged_in_user_id"]

Skills: Java

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