Help Implementing Strahler Numbers and Pruning Numbers JAVA

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1. Modify a program (I will give you) that generated all binary trees with n nodes so as it generates each tree it determines the Strahler number of the tree and outputs the number of n node binary trees that have each possible Strahler number. Test the program on some sample trees and output information so we can tell what the tree was and what its Strahler number was. Produce a table for n from 2 to 15(or as high as you can get) of the number of binary trees with n nodes that have each possible Strahler number.

2. Using the binary tree representation for forests of trees, again generate all the n node binary trees(which is the same as generating all the n node forests) and determine how many n node forests have each possible pruning number. Produce a table as in part 1 but for pruning numbers for n node forests rather than for Strahler numbers for n node binary trees.

I will provide more information to workers.

Skills: Java

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