School, College, Educational Institute management software - repost

One Education Institute/ Multiple Locations can be configured.

Multi Locational Balance Sheet.

Multiple Buildings, Libraries, Canteens, Hostels, Buses Can be created in a single installation.

A single building can have multiple floors, wings, room numbers.

One Click Invoice generation for Hostel Charges, Hostel Mess Charges, Bus Charges, School Fees.

Every Class can be fine tuned for seperate school fees depending on the Class requirements.

Subjects can be attached to any class and division.

Unlimited tests, assignments can be created with the option to show a certain test, assignment in Report Card.

All tests, assignments can be assigned marks or grades.

Complete Taxation is covered on a single selection of tax code. Taxes can be assigned to School Fees, Hostel Fees, Library Fees, Bus Fees or any other fees.

Multiple level Tax Master which is very advanced and can calculate taxes upto five levels on combination of any tax structure. (Can be compared peer to peer with SAP Tax Structure). Any account can be attached to any tax structure at each levels for account posting, which is done automatically.

Instant tax status in Accounting entries on generation of Invoices.

Multiple Classes can be defined with a defined time frame for each class. Suitable for any Institution like School, Colleges, or even education institutes, classes conducting varied courses for a very short period.

Automated repeated time table generated for the given class period for every class and division (excluding holidays). Automated Attendance Generation, you need to tick only absenteeism.

Canteen Stock, Library Stock Register Maintenance.

Bus Seat Master, Every bus can have different charges and different seating capacity.

Hostels can have different accomodation capacity per room, Charges also can vary on room to room basis.

Examination, Mock test, Progress Report, Stats Report on based on their week subjects.

Easy Students Promotion to higher class.

Notice Board for School, College, Class, Class Division, and even for individual Students. All Notices are visible only at proper levels.

Teachers Master Record.

Students Medical Record.

Unlimited Students activities. Any Activity can be created, attached to any student and Automated invoices can begenerated on case to case basis.

Trial Balance Locationwise and combined.

Balance Sheet Locationwise and combined.

Web Graphs support.

School Surveillance Camera System

Electronic Payment Processing & Tracking Software

SMS Gateway Integration

Email Integration

Online Examinatiion

Online Class

Moodle Integration

Skills: .NET, C# Programming, Javascript, MySQL, SQL

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