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Project Description:

Initial info:

- You have a stack of pass-cards on the number of different types of transprota delivering from point A to point B.

- All pass-cards swapped

- You don't know where the trip ends - (unknown)

- Each pass-card contains information (how and where is the movement in this part of the route), and the type of transport (flight number, seat number, etc.)

Need to do:

- Provide the JavaScript API, which will sort a list of pass-cards and return the verbal description of how to make your trip.

- Create your own small js-framework for working with css classes dom elements.

- API should accept input unsorted list of pass-cards in the format invented by you and return, for example:

***Take train 78A from Madrid to Barcelona. Seat 45B.***

***Baggage will be automatically transferred from your last leg.***

***Take the airport bus from Barcelona to Gerona Airport. No seat


***From Gerona Airport, take flight SK455 to Stockholm. Gate 45B. Seat

3A. Baggage drop at ticket counter 344.***

***From Stockholm, take flight SK22 to New York JFK. Gate 22. Seat 7B.***


I. The algorithm should work with any number of pass-cards if the pass-cards all form one continuous chain.

II. Arrival and departure is unknown and unimportant. Vehicle for the next stretch of waiting for you.

III. The structure of the code must be extensible for all types of transport information that can be associated with each type of traffic.

IV. API need to be called from other parts of the JavaScript code without the need for additional requests between the browser and the server.

V. Do not use any libraries and frameworks to make a code, make everything from scratch.

VI. Make documented comments in the code the input and output data. For all script

Skills: Javascript

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