Change linux app "Iblock" so it can run from write-protected USB flash drive



Change linux app "Iblock" so it can:

- run from write-protected USB flash drive from Linux Mint 15. (All snort rules and all config files and other static files must be placed on write-protected drive).

- Then all database log or temporary or swap files are written to a 2nd USB-flash drive that is not write-protected (so a total of 2 USB flash drives are used)

- User-defined how many minutes the offending IP must be blocked (from 1 minute to 9999 minutes per offense.

- Must create SQlite database output of blocked IP's (on the 2nd USB that is not write-protected).

- Must be able to run without installation or with max 1 line of code for install.

- GUI showing: start, stop, hh:mm:ss running consecutively, number of IPs blocked, number of Snort rules active

- App must - as default - select **ALL** the [url removed, login to view] snort rules (so they are all added and active automatically. This is very important that all rules are selected and active as default.

- Ability to restart automatically when computer is restarted.

All code must be non-compressed and un-encrypted and readable without using special software.

$100 bonus if also have ability to block all in and outgoing ports except for those I open (You can re-use parts of "Simple Firewall" for that - but, that must then also be able to run from the Write-protected USB drive).

$75 Bonus if completed within 24 hours and if FULLY working - no bugs - fully tested.

thats it :)

Skills: Linux, Perl

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