MLM/Party Style Software Needed ASAP



We want to buy an existing PHP script. All features are pretty standard and "must-haves" for MLM and Party-Plan companies.

We are inquiring about adding a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and Party-Plan type of software to our company's website based on PHP, x-cart, MYSQL Server as the database. The interface will be skinned similar to the original PHP interface. We will host and keep the source code.

I would like to know about pricing, and extra information of your MLM software for php integration and specifications for putting this to work with x-cart.

Below is the BASIC outline of the module on what we have in mind. Many of these features are already in php x-cart, but they will need to work together. The further larger outline is extended below

* Distributor and Downline Management (add, delete, change status, change level, hold)

* Genealogy Tree (for downline visualization, editing, sales vision, history, reporting, etc)

* Customer Management

* Order Processing Management

* Commission & Compensation Management

* Recruiting System (see new recruits, see bonuses, commissions, etc)

* Party-Plan Features

+ Host information, gifts, etc

+ History of Parties,

+ Party Participants

+ Party sales history, etc

+ Book a Party

* User Management and Balance inquiry

* Targets: Volume Points management, or minimum sales volumes monthly, qtr, etc

* Reports, all kinds of standard reports: sales, commissions, down line history

- Statistics

* Supply in English

* Supply with technical documentation, regarding integration into x-cart.

* Admin features should work correctly in the x-cart Admin

* Inventory Management with AUTO-SHIP Capabilities

* Website Replication System – Very Important !!

* Auto responder System

* Email Broadcast System with campaign manager

* Online Shopping Cart Integration with x-cart

* Sales Tax calculations integration and reporting systems

* Team building & Collaboration

* Webinar - Web Seminar Via online chat and online broadcast between members.

* Chat ability between members

* Sales Force & Lineage

* Integration of system with USPS and UPS

* PDF as well as Direct linkage and ability for Distributors to File and fill out there own 1099 forms and provide connection to file the 1099 forms – this is to be tied to taxation from compensation via commissions paid to distributor. This is a critical component

This software must be made to work with an existing PHP driven Website/ My SQL database while utilizing the x-cart commerce system.

Please reply only if you have experience with multi level marketing or Party-Plan software, especially for PHP Coders as well as being able to work seamlessly with the x-cart platform. You will also have working customers to show proof of your system and its abilities. A demo is required of your abilities

Many modules already exist in X-CART – not all of these functions will have to be scripted.

Required flexibility for managing third party vendor accounts must be available in the software package.

What is a Party Plan or MLM Software and the basics of how it works?

Party plan companies require a system designed specifically for the party plan business model. Party plans have several unique technology requirements that aren’t necessary for other direct selling and MLM business models, such as setting up and tracking parties, establishing host credits and promotional product prices.

At the center of these requirements is a specialized order entry platform. In Party Plans, order entry of a party is generally completed by the consultant. This is not the same as a customer placing an order on a web site or a consultant placing a personal order in the Extranet. At this point the consultant becomes your company’s order entry person. Ease of use is essential to minimize errors and maximize efficiency. This Software has developed a user-friendly yet functionally-robust platform for party plan order entry.

Party Plan Features

• Party set-up and management.

• Host tracking and credits.

• Promotional pricing and display features provide total flexibility for promotions, host and customer incentives.

• Complete party order system in Extranet for consultant party order entry.

• Multiple bill-to options include: Customer, Host, Consultant.

• Multiple ship-to options include: Customer, Host, Consultant.

• Party Plan reports available for consultants and company management.

Consultant Management

• Comprehensive consultant search features.

• Robust consultant profile management. Captures and displays detailed consultant information, including summary statistics, orders and notes.

• Add, Edit, and Cancel consultant functions.

• Detailed financial reports provide compensation plan earnings breakdown including promotion status.

• Historical financial reports and year-to-date earnings summaries.

• Notes for entering and tracking correspondence and trouble tickets with consultants.

• Real-time genealogy reports providing upline and downline information.

• Search, Add, Edit, and Void consultant’s customers and orders.

• Search, Add, Edit, and Void consultant’s personal orders.

• Consultant Autoship/AMO management. Flexible recurring order and payment generation.

• Replicated site management.

• Sponsor and Enroller change function.

• Positive and negative adjustments applied to earnings checks.

• Administrative and management features including marking consultants for staff notification.

Consultant Extranet

• Consultant support and company contact through Extranet.

• Company News & Announcements (updated through Company Manager).

• Download Forms & Flyers, providing efficient distribution of low cost, consistent company marketing and business materials.

• Company Calendar (updated through Company Manager).

• Consultant information services including real-time genealogy, customers, current financial s, promotion status, historical financials.

• Extranet shopping cart for consultants.

• Forms section for downloading consultant tools.

Consultant Web based Tools – To work with Website Replicator Concept

• Personal Web sites (Single Template)*

• Real-time, fully integrated shopping cart

• Upload personal story and photo

• Control of contact info (phone, address, email address, etc.)

• Customize keyword and description meta tags used in search engine

• submission

• Real-time, fully integrated new Consultant enrollment

• Display of Event Calendar (Scheduled parties, trainings, etc.) with contact

• information, directions, and maps.

• Online Event Management System – Schedule parties and other events. Send

• electronic invitations to guests including RSVP options and ability to shop

• online with order counting toward party total.

• Consultant Back Office (Available to all Consultants)

• Edit profile to change address, phone number, email address.

• View commission qualification, earnings summary, and transaction detail

• information by commission period.

• Real-time, integrated order entry for Party Orders, Business Supply orders, or

• any user defined type of order.

• Un-Submitted order functionality to resume entry of suspended orders or

• orders terminated due to lost connections.

• Genealogy advanced filtering options including: by period, by state, by title, by

• level, active and inactive.

• View order history and track order shipments.

• Real time access to Returns/Exchanges information.

• Booking Manager for tracking and canceling bookings.

• Company “Tools” link for company documents, updates, brochures. All

• maintained by the company.

• Help link for emailing company customer service mailbox.

• *Replicating websites are included with the standard Party Plan Solutions software package at no additional charge to the client or to the client’s field sales force. We will charge the Consultants for replicating websites as a way to offset the Monthly Hosting and Support fees charged by Say Flex.

Consultants Reports

• Active Consultants

• Consultant List By ID Number

• Consultant List By Name

• Consultant Order History

• Consultant Rank Chart

• Consultant Rank Summary

• Consultant Volume Summary

• Consultant Websites

• Enrollments by Month

• Locator Lead Assignment

• Recruiting

• Top Parties

• Top Sponsors

Customer Management

• Comprehensive customer search features.

• Robust customer profile management. Captures and displays detailed customer information and order history.

• Notes for entering and tracking correspondence and trouble tickets with customer.

• Add, Edit and Cancel customers.

• Supports multiple accounts for individual customers.

• Billing data can be imported from multiple third parties.

• Supports multiple customer classifications, i.e. wholesale, retail, preferred.

• Customer Autoship/AMO. Complete functionality for customer recurring orders and payments.

• Search, Add, Edit and Void customer’s orders.

• Administrative and management features including marking customers for staff notification.

Customer Service Management - Adendum

• Centralized customer service module provides single dashboard view of order history,

commission history, account balances, and customer service “Notes” with “drill down”

option to view all details.

• Simple, direct navigation to enter orders, edit Consultant information, view genealogy,

view Consultant website.

• Unlimited time/date/user stamped notes.

• Follow-up creation for assigning leads and tasks to Consultants. Consultants are

notified of the follow-up record in the back office portion of their personal website.

Order Processing & Management

• Supports tangible and virtual products, services, and subscription-based orders.

• Comprehensive order search features.

• Order profile displays detailed order information.

• Add, Save, Post, Un-post, Edit and Void orders.

• Process payments real-time online through merchant account.

• Detailed invoices.

• Autoship/AMO.

• Flexible shipping charge options with manual override.

• Automatic U.S. sales tax calculations with database look up. Utilizes CCH database.

• Seamless integration with Inventory Management and Shipping Management.

• Process multiple order types including: party orders, individual orders, and business supply orders.

• Commissions (retail profits) can be taken at time of order entry or as part of commission processing.

• Orders may be shipped to Rep, Customers, or Consultant or combination of all.

• Customer “Flex bonus buys” and specials

• Buy/get specials based on quantities or dollar amounts purchased by guests.

• Quantity Discounts based on purchases of individual items or items belonging to a category.

• Flexible Points Rewards system. Half price items, booking awards, purchasing guest awards, Flex Dollars, Flex Exclusive items, Flex free shipping. All award levels and reward percentages/amounts are user defined. All must work in the confides of PHP and be completely compatible with the PHP Software we have designed as well as work fluidly with x-cart.

• Booking Tracking System allows for booking award redemption at time of original party entry or booked party entry.

• Backorder Management System

• Allows for multiple price levels/commissionable volume per item

• Automatic Sales tax calculations via database subscription.

• Multiple freight carriers and shipping methods

• Multiple shipping calculation options

• Multiple payment types

• Real-time credit card processing

• User-defined commissionable volumes

• Order comments

• Orders can be flagged for shipping or commissions hold

• Standard Interface to USPS, UPS Worldship, Fedex Ship Manager, DHL

• Autoship module must be included

• Items may be ordered from Personal Inventory

• Event Date - Order Date Comparison

• Orders Marked Do Not Pay Commissions

• Scheduled Bookings

• Scheduled Events

• Un-Submitted Orders

• Unused Bookings

Sales Reporting

• Auto Shipments List

• Commissionable Sales

• Daily Sales Breakdown By Category

• Daily Sales Breakdown By Item

• Gift Certificate Listing

• Party Sales Statistics

• Sales By Consultant State

• Sales By Entry Date

• Sales By Order Date

• Sales By Order Type

• Sales Order Listing – Detail

• Sales Order Listing – Summary

• Sales Order Report by Order Date

• Sales Register Report

Third Party Account Management

• Supports marketing relationships with multiple third party vendors.

• Comprehensive account search features.

• Complete consultant and customer account information management.

• Sophisticated commission import and exception functions.

Shipping Management

• Provides detailed view of pending shipments.

• Backorder management including partial backorders.

• Comprehensive search features.

• Supports multiple shipping methods.

• Print invoice/packing slips.

• Export data to UPS Online as well as work with the USPS.

• Detailed shipping reports.

• Must work with Auto-Ship and Subscription based products

• Orders Marked Do Not Ship

• Orders Printed But Not Shipped

• Shipping Charges versus Shipping Costs

• Online Database Schema

• User defined data driven query tool for exporting of data

Required in software for shipping management.

Inventory Management

• Detailed display of product list and inventory quantities.

• Add, Edit, and Delete product items.

• Set up detailed product item information, Product ID, description, weight, reorder quantity, quantity on hand, shipping details, tax status, and vendor contact information.

• Define categories and subcategories.

• Establish pricing and compensation by rank.

• Create multiple product/quantity kits.

• Detailed inventory reports.

• Supports products with multiple specifications such as size and color.

• Upload product pictures and descriptions for shopping cart display.

• Multiple Warehouses – where product are coming from as far as different distribution and fulfillment points geographically.

• Available Inventory personalization options for colors, monogramming, etc.

• Item selections for sizes, colors, groups, etc.

• Unlimited number of pricing levels supported.

• Percentage pricing setup automation

• Real-time stock allocation

• Kit creation/components

• Bin locations

• Inventory transaction history

• Integrated purchase order module

• Warehouse transfers

• Returns Module with optional reversal of commissions/bonuses paid.

• Cost of Goods

• Inventory Below Min On Hand

• Inventory By Vendor

• Inventory By Warehouse

• Inventory On Hand By Date

• Inventory On Hand

• Inventory Out Of Stock

• Inventory Pricing

• Inventory Transaction Detail

• Inventory Transaction Summary

• Product Detail

• Product Transaction Detail

• Products By Category

• Products By Pricing Category

• Products By Product Type

• Products On Backorder

• Products On Order

• Purchase Order Summary

• Return Detail

• Returned Product By Reason Code

• Returned Products

• Returns Summary By ID Number

• Returns Summary

Reports Management

• Data exports provide easy access to data for mail merges, analysis, data storage, etc.

• Detailed consultant, customer and order reports.

• Autoship/AMO reports including expiring credit cards.

• Compensation reports including company audit details, promotions and individual consultant reports.

• Detailed financial reports.

• Comprehensive set of standard reports included.

Reporting Accounting

• Account Adjustments By Reason Code

• Account Balances

• Cash Receipts Register

• Cash Receipts Summary

• Consultant Transactions

• Sales Tax Collected - Detail

• Sales Tax Collected -Summary

• Year End Volume and Taxable Earnings

Accounts Receivable

• Track AR by invoice or customer.

• Invoice shortages may be collected from commissions.

• Account statements can be printed.

• Enter invoice debits or credits

Processing - Genealogy – Commissions Management

• Bonus and commission processing.

• PDF check writing on blank check stock.

• PDF consultant reports.

• Supports daily, weekly, and monthly processing.

• Automated promotions.

• Check data export to QuickBooks.

• Financial reports.

Commissions Reports

• Check Register

• Commission Earnings By Pay Code

• Commission Transaction Audit

• Commission Statement

• Commission Summary

Genealogy Management

• Graphical/interactive indented genealogy format

• Easily traverse the genealogy.

• Default price levels by rank

• Placement/enroller change

• Title/Rank change

• Manage status (Active, inactive, terminated)

• Audits all genealogy changes.

• Automated monitoring of genealogy integrity

• Current and historical period performance information

• Unmatched retrieval speeds for any genealogy size.

Commissions Processing

• Commission calculations according to the client’s compensation plan.

• Commission adjustment entry/change.

• Commission transaction auditing system

• Commission check and statement printing

• Hold commissions per order

• USA 1099 reporting

Company Management

• Company set-up.

• Security administration and user activity audit reporting.

• Intranet news & announcements.

• Extranet maintenance.

• Add, Edit, and Delete company news & announcements.

• Add, Edit, and Delete forms & flyers.

• Add, Edit, and Delete FAQ’s.

• Add, Edit, and Delete calendar events.

Employees Reports

• Commissions Processing and Rollbacks

• Consultant Account Creation and Modifications

• CSR Account Modifications

• Employee Roster

• Next Id Changes

• Order Deletion And Recovery

• Order Edits

• Order Status Changes

• Print Order Usage

• Ship Verify Usage

• Various Audits

Supporting the consultants is essential. Seamlessly integrating the consultants Extranet with our party plan software system is critical.


• Database encryption of all credit card numbers.

• Configurable user menus

• Configurable user permissions.

• System lockout function for employees and web users to prevent access to the

• application.

• Automated monitoring and reporting of abnormal software or database conditions.

• Support email link

Website Integration & Development

• Start with an existing web site or build a new one.

• Replicated web sites for consultants

• Real-time credit card and eCheck payment processing though merchant account. Paypal - Authorize net

• Real-time transaction integration with ES 100 and Extranet.

• Superior design and maintenance.

Real-time integration with the software system creates the most efficient and powerful business platform to be used. These are the most significant operational and reporting options available for a party plan or MLM based software package.

Please select the word Doc which will give you a printable preview and scope of the project.


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