Entertainment Time Sync Apps - An advanced stopwatch that is sync'd across multiple devices


In the live entertainment industry (theatre, concerts, etc.) one of the main jobs of the Stage Manager is to ensure all members of a production are sync'd to the same time. Also, they generate reports at the end of the night as to how long each section of a production took. The goal of this project is to develop a set of apps for both Android and iOS that allows a Stage Manager to push notifications to everyone with a smart phone as to the time an act resumes (when intermission comes to an end) as well as log times of each act. In its simplest form, the main app is nothing more than a stop watch. However the beauty of the project is syncing with every production personnel and better communicating times to the staff.

In my mind there are 3 parts to this project. The development of a Master App for the stage manager to use, the creation of a client side app for the various actors and technicians to use on their phones and finally a web interface or backbone to sync this data (the last one might not be necessary but I will yield to the programmers expertise). There must be multiple apps developed. Master & Client, Android & iOS, and finally I would like to see the Master app developed for both smartphone and tablet.

## Deliverables

Below are some notes I have taken on this project that should be helpful to the programmer. Upon interview, I will also send the interviewee some sketches I created as to how the apps should look/function (of course up for discussion and change).

* General Notes

* The Master App should generate a report to print out that has on it QR code/location on app stores of the app (for actors to use a reference as to where to download)

* In the Same report above should be a session ID/QR code for clients to use to sync to the Master

* Hierarchy: Production -> Event -> Time

* Session ID is on a per Production Basis.

* Events do not overlap.

* Actual Time of Day should be taken from the Master App's device time

* Must be able to run in background on all devices. Widgets possible?

* Master App must have the ability to have multiple stop watch's, timers, etc.

* Calculations to Second (not Milli). Depending on view, only needs to show hours:minutes

* Master App Idea's & Notes

* A login must be created/used to access Master App.

* Autogenerate Report detailing

* Location to Download App (QR Code & detailed description)

* Session ID number/QR Code for Production's Sync

* Must be able to manage multiple productions (folder hierarchy)

* Must save all "events" and "productions" and ability to recall previous events/productions (inherent based on hierarchy & sketches I've generated).

* Templates generated for a production

* Ability to autoupdate times. For instance if I change the start time a production to 5 min later, all the estimated times should also update with an additional 5 minutes.

* Notifications that client receives are set by the master and NOT editable by clients.

* An edit screen & "show run" screen should be present.

* In show run, an extra stop watch widget should also be present (not sync'd with anything).

* During edit of an event, Master decideds which time intervals get pushed to clients.

* These countdowns are sync'd across all devices.

* A notification scheme determines what messages are pushed to a client. i.e. when the countdown is at 10min a notification is pushed to clients saying "10 min until end of intermission"

* Mulitiple notification schemes should be setup

* for instance pre show a notification might only get pushed at 15min and 5 min but during intermission a notification is pushed at 10min and 5 min and 2 min.

* Nearly every field is user definable.

* Client App Idea's/Notes

* Basically, this app is nothing more than a window for the user as to what the client has. No stop watch or timer function, just information that is pushed from Master.

* No need to setup a user ID and password. All that is needed is a Session ID given out by the stage manager.

* Notifications are set by Master App

* If possible, turns on Vibrate to phone whenever notification comes through.

* Ringtone can be defined by user

* Thoughts on ability of master to turn off ringtone at certain times (say Master pushes notice that "we are running Act 1 currently" that notice is taken by the client as saying I should turn off the ringer backstage

All of the above notes are Idea's and thoughts that I have had about this app. Everything is up for discussion. Also, some features can be excluded and saved for future releases if cost of product becomes to great.

When app is ready and made available, the Master app will cost users however the client apps will be made available for free.

If there is a slick way to combine the two apps, I am willing to listen. I can see instances where the Master app want to act as the client sometimes. Just a thought.....willing to discuss.

These are the thoughts and Ideas I have. I will reiterate that I have sketched some screenshots of the app which upon bid and before interview I will send to coder. These sketches will likely clarify a lot as to what I am looking for.

Skills: Amazon Web Services, Mobile Phone

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