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I am looking for the initial development of an Android document viewing application. We have developed a similar app for iOS but due to lack of time we are looking to get help starting the Android version. The requirement is to get the project kickstarted rather than build a completed app ready for publishing, this is a very important point as the code you write will need to be of a good quality so that it can be taken on and completed by a member of our team. This is why we don't have all graphics and content finished and so will supply very simple graphic backgrounds and test PDF files

I know unlike with iOS there is not a native ability to display PDF files on Android and so the app will use an intent to allow the user to select whichever PDF viewer app they have loaded on the device to display the PDF file itself.

App Overview

I have attached some hand drawn sketches to accompany the below

The application on loading present the user with a graphical menu filling the screen containing 6 buttons (figure 1) which are categories of different document types, the categories can simply be shown as 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Tapping on one of the buttons will the show a listview containing a list of documents (figure 2) for that particular category with the documents being split into 7 sections, there can be any number of documents within each section from none at all to perhaps 6 or 7 and the user will be able to scroll up and down the list looking for a particular document. Tapping on the document name will display an intent (figure 3) to then launch whatever particular PDF viewer they have loaded on their device.

An important aspect is that the PDF files will be contained within the app (assets folder) the user does not have to copy files to sdcard etc, everything is contained within the app except the capability for viewing the actual PDF which is handled by a 3rd party app

The app will be deployed on a Samsung Note Phone (N7000) running version 4 or later of the OS but should be built to be capable of running on as wider range of devices as possible

I hope I have provided enough information but any questions etc please get in touch.

Skills: Android, Mobile Phone

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