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I am an Android developer, but have very little success and experience with the GPS tracking capabilities of the Android SDK. Overall, every time I work with the Location Manager, and attempt to calculate things like total distance traveled, speed, etc., it is always off by 1/2 a mile or more.

I have ideas for several apps related to running, so the work that I need help with is the basis for all of these apps. I need the following:

- UI: Start / Stop button. TextViews to display Start time, elapsed time, distance traveled (in miles or kilometers), pace (min per mile or km), need to show icon representing GPS signal strength (3 bars for good, 2 for fair, 1 for poor).

- Need a recommendation on whether or not a configuration screen should be included that lets the user balance GPS accuracy with battery life. In all of my attempts, I manage to drain the battery quite rapidly. If a good balance between accuracy / battery life can be achieved without this screen, then it would be OK not to have it.

- The GPS logging needs to done as a android service (background process).

- I'd like to log the latitude / longitude coordinates (and any related information you think should be recorded) in an SQLite database. Later I may push this data to a Google or Bing Map. I will probably want to do a heat map of sorts that shows a different color gradient route based on how fast the pace was.. please note that you're not writing the code for this.. I just need you to capture the data in the db. DB does not have to be setup as a provider, as I do not plan on sharing the data with other apps. However, if there's a compelling reason to do so, please let me know, and we can discuss.

Overall, I need accuracy. I realize that the GPS device built into phones isn't the best to begin with, but if apps like Runkeeper and others are able to get me fairly accurate readings, I see no reason why another app wouldn't.

This should be an easy task for someone experienced with GPS on the Android platform. Please do not provide me with examples from the various blogs, forums, and help sites. I've seen them all, and experimented heavily with many of them. To test your APK, I'll actually need a compiled (debug) version that I can run on my devices and will actually take it for a run to verify accuracy.

The code should include some basic comments, as I will be modifying it to suit the requirements of several apps.

Thank you in advance!

Skills: Android, GPS, Mobile Phone

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