"Free Classified" Android App



We are creating a FREE CLASSIFIED APP for android.

This app will be similar to other free classifieds apps like “OLX”, or “Yakaz”,

with some differences.

We provide the desings, developer does the admin pannel, app and insert

it into google app store. Place the info on

server part for elements which resides in menu.


On the first page after the landing page, users will have the options:

1. Sign in using Facebook

2. Sign in using email

3. Simply look at ads without signing in, as a visitor.

Once they have register as user of the app, (have to place email and

password, password is retrivavel in case they lose it, as in any system)

Once they registered as a user they will automatically subscribe to the

newsletter by email, this wil done using free software PHLIST, which will

be installed and activated in the server.

After the landing page, the next page will give you the options of,


-Search for adds/Latest Adds


In this page there will be 9 spaces for advertisement (our advertisement).

This can be changed from admin panel.

As far as location goes, you can place your location or simply

ignore and search adds.

There will be about 15 categories in the category menu, to choose

one for each add These will be changeable and be able to delete too.

------The MAIN MENU BAR (bar on the left) will have basic stuff as in any

menu, things like

1. My App (my account)

2. Log in/Register

3. Who we are

4. Advertise

5. Publish adds

6. Forum

8. Real Estate Brokers

9. Sponsors

10. Other professionals

11. Top Adds.

12. Latest Adds

The menu will be located on the left, when you click the menu symbol. It comes from

the left of the screen.


Here are some of the categories for the adds,

1. Real estate For Sale

2. Real Estate for Rent

3. Looking For

4. Business

5. Real Estate Services

6. Real Estate Brokers

7. Top Adds

8. Latest Posts

9. Hotels

10. Forum

11. Remates

12. Investment Club

and the there will be some sub-categories...

All post will have the usual stuff, as in any classified app,

like description, location, pictures, contact, google map.

At the bottom of each post (add)there will be an advertisement section, controlled

from admin panel.



- At the beginning of the app, in a small window will ask if you allow the

app to send push notifications.

- Developer will create a section for push notifications, in admin

panel so we can send daily notifications.

-The first page where you can register, sign in or search ads, there will

also have advertisement space (half of the page) where we can place our

own advertisements) and change it from the admin panel.

-Limit for each ad for 5 pictures max size, this can be changed.

-There will be a broker section in which each broker can place all of their

info, web site etc. This section will be a paid section. The same with other

professionals. For this section, we will require additional info, maybe a

phone verification, or user, whatever is best.

-In each add, people can score the add , punctuate it, from 0 to 10,

so the top ads will go into a top section on the menu.

-Be able to run the application without no conextion, so, even if its not

actualized, it ill show latest version/access

-After signing in, the system will automarically will take you to a

page with the lastest adds.

.There will be about ten categories as far as the adds goes, so people

can choose as with any system in which category to post the ads.

You can scroll each category loking at the adds.

-The pages with the adds, there will show a small image on the left

with a descriotion oin the right of the image…….


Developing time frame: around 30 days.

Developing budget: 900-1300 Max

Once finished we will proceed to improve on this app, as

well as do the iphone, ipad version of the same.

Skills: Android, Mobile Phone

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