Health / Food / Activity tracking utility.


The goal of this application is to allow users to QUICKLY input basic medical and non medical data and have it tracked over time with the goal to identify how travel, weather, food, medication affects pain, fatigue and emotions of end user. The data for now can be stored on the local device with the idea that it will be uploaded at some point to an interactive website.

The application should open quickly and allow the user to track various items

Each item tracked (Pain, Emotional, Fatigue…) will have an optional associated detail page where user can enter a comment that will be tracked over time, there should also be a button for the user to add a picture with the comment (see example screens below).

This is pretty straight forward, users should be able to scroll forward and backwards by day at the top of the screen, all the sliders should be on the same screen. I would like there to be a slider with a number field to enter the value. There should be a 3 buttons below each slider, detail, graph and save – there should be a Save All button at the bottom that will save all slider settings at the same time. Users should also be able to add a slider for anything they wish to track.

All the data needs be stored in a database and it also needs to be graphed over time, day, week, month, 3 months and year. Users should be able to check and uncheck any tracked issue to be visible on the graph.

The data also needs to be able to be down loaded as a CSV file (or equivalent) at some point this need to be uploaded to the website so the user can interact with it through a website dashboard.

Usage: after a user sets the slider and saves the data, it needs to track date and time, the slider needs to stay at what it was set at until changed and saved again (it should not reset to 0 or 10). There should be a save all at the bottom to save current state of all sliders, there should be a discrete save button below each slider.

All of these options need to be graphed with various graphs based on time

The graphs should show time along the bottom and have an option to show all the other items along the Y axis (pain, fatigue, emotional, food, meds, weather, travel.)

Various graph types will help identify relationship between pain/weather/travel/medications/food.

All information needs to be stored in a database that can at some point in time be migrated to a website to be used in later stages of the application. All information in the database needs to be encrypted.

Will also want to add a joint/pain/swelling chart so that users can pinpoint their physical pain and add a picture if needed.

Joint chart example:

Skills: Android, HTML5, iPhone, Mobile Phone, SQL

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Project ID: #5025011