Two Android App code


I need two simple android code. It will need to be for eclipse. The purpose is for me to be able to add content and compile my self. I do not know much about coding and am too lazy to learn so i have been using sites like pillar apps and andromo but i am not able to do exactly what i want. So ideally what i want to have overall is a file i upload into eclipse and add another folder or what not to upload content and enter 2 web addresses. Therefore it should be super easy for me and take a matter of seconds for me to make my app. Please read more for details.

Pretty much what i want is a app that i can upload a folder full of .jpeg pictures. A random number of pictures. so i would need to be able to set how many pictures will be in the app. also so if i update the app with more pictures that it pulls the larger number to the top of the order of pictures.

I will save the pictures in order eg. [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], 100.jpg..

First app:

ok. so when it opens up its all the pictures in columns and rows. once a picture is clicked it opens the picture and you are able to swipe side to side to change the picture to the next one. While it is the larger picture if the photo is clicked then it opens up a website address that i will be able add.

There will be two tabs at the bottom. kind of small but not too small. They should be black and rounded with white text, one saying "Lite" and the other saying "Pro" The Lite tab will be the default when opens and will have all the pictures. Then if the Pro one is clicked it will open up the play store to a app address that i can add into the code. The app should also have a option to close the app should the menu button on the phone is clicked. It should also have a small title bar at the top that is black and has white lettering that will have the apps title that i will be able to edit as well.

Second app:

Should be like the first one with the title but not the tabs at the bottom. it should start out with the columns and rows. when a picture is clicked it opens the larger pictures. when the larger photo is long clicked or the menu button is pressed it gives the option to set the image as a background, email. share on pinterest, facebook, and other social media networks. and at the bottom of the list it gives the option to close the app.

So i would need to two codes that i can easily upload into eclipse, instructions on how to change the title, upload the photos, change the website for photos clicked in the lite version, and change the website address for the play market.

also i want the photos to run together not little icons with a background in the colomn/row view.

and i would like to perhaps be able to change the font of the title and the tabs.

Skills: Android, Mobile Phone

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