Unity friend


I have a character and an environment model that are done in 3DS Max format. I want you to put them in Unity platform. The output should be for the android phones, IPhones and the WEB, as Unity automatically does that anyway. In the code, I want you to use the Google Speech recognition api, and have the character listen to what's been said, then, after recognizing what I have said, find the corresponding answer and again, using Google Translate API's TTS, read it to me. The listening beginning and ending should be automatically done by listening to the level of audio coming in. Meanhile I should be able to apply some animation files to the character, like making him talk etc. I should also be able to move the bones of the characters.

Within Unity, the coding should be done with C#.

Program should be able to access the web and download new array of answers automatically.

This is like an animated friend that resides inside the phone.

Skills: Android, Mobile Phone

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